Federal Court Interpreting Training Program

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For Spanish Court Interpreters

Are you looking for new and advanced materials to hone your interpreting skills? Enroll in any of our extraordinary courses and discover a wealth of useful vocabulary through our hands-on exercises that simulate court assignments in three interpreting modes. You will also review and put into practice essential techniques that will help you improve your oral rendition, especially if you are preparing for the Federal Oral Exam.

Each available course has been approved for five CIMCEs in California and Texas. If you are a  Certified Court Interpreter in another state, these courses may also count towards your continuing education as non-instructor led credits. Each course is five hours long, and you can complete it at your own pace and in small chunks that you can easily fit into your busy schedule.

Get one course for $100 or two for $180. Click on the image to purchase.

Practical Course A

Find in these exercises the challenge you are looking for to enhance your techniques in all interpreting modes. Gain vocabulary, speed, stamina, and, more importantly, the confidence to handle federal-level assignments.

Practical Course B

Continuing education is crucial to refining your craft. Aside from practicing with our top-notch content, you will also learn how to identify your weaknesses and strengths to use your study time effectively.

Course C - Coming Soon

Practice and assess your interpreting skills with intensive exercises that match the federal oral exam format. The level of difficulty in these exercises will help you improve your chances to pass even the most rigorous test.

Course D - Coming Soon

Similar to all our courses, in these engaging lessons, you'll learn tips and strategies that will help you boost your performance of demanding oral assignments. Get a deeper understanding of your own skillset.

It is my honor to be the Lead Trainer of these advanced courses that focus on the strengthening of oral skills. These courses were designed for court interpreters who strive to be at the top of their game. They are also ideal for those preparing for the Federal Oral Exam.  I am a California and US Court Certified Interpreter with more than 10 years of experience. Over the years, I have coached and trained many interpreters to help them achieve their goals of becoming certified in the medical and legal fields. I hope you enjoy these materials that we have prepared with lots of dedication and enthusiasm.

Anabella Tidona


Frequently Asked Questions

Our federal court interpreting courses are aimed at skill building and vocabulary building in all three modes of interpretation. It is also an ideal resource for anyone preparing to take the oral portion of the FCICE.

Each course has one English to Spanish Sight Translation, one Spanish to English Sight Translation, one Simultaneous Monologue, one consecutive and one simultaneous expert witness Q&A.

This is a skill-building course (rather than a mock exam) where you will listen to instructions and pointers on what to focus on during each exercise, record yourself, compare your rendition to the exercise script, listen to suggested model renditions, create glossaries, recalibrate, re-do the exercise a second time, and complete a self-assessment. If done in this way, each course is about five hours long.

Each course comes with written transcripts for the two sight translations, the two simultaneous exercises, and one consecutive exercise. The suggested model renditions are in audio format and do not have a script.

We are currently approved in California,  Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Utah.

Please note that Pennsylvania does not approve non-instructor led continuing education courses.

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