Testimonials from Interpreters with Real Names and Credentials

“I’m an immigrant from South America and worked for 20 years as a nanny. But today I’m delighted to let you know that I became a Certified Medical Interpreter! I passed the National Board exam, and I owe that to you (MITS)!  I decided to invest $640 in my personal and academic growth, and that’s the best thing I could’ve done. It was not easy because I’ve been dealing with medical problems myself; surgeries, medications, PT and so forth. Your online course and guidance helped me stayed focused and even helped as an antidepressant. I feel very blessed and eager to start serving my community as CMI. Thanks so much, David!”

— Zoila Alvarez, Spanish CMI – California 1/5/18


“Although I am bilingual, I learned a lot about the various aspects of how an interpreter should present himself/herself following the general guidelines of the Code of Ethics. The medical terminology has come in handy as I am volunteering at a free clinic. I also appreciated the simulated encounters as I felt I was in a real setting. I will keep reviewing the content of this course as every time I review it I keep learning new information. This course has been a great journey and a great push to start my interpreting career. Lastly, I want to thank David for the guide through and the clarity in which he spoke both Spanish and English. I wonder which his first language is. Thanks David!”

— Julio Cesar Herrera, CoreCHI™ Spanish Interpreter – New Jersey, 12/29/17

“I was introduced to MITS by a close friend who told me about this online program.  I thought it would fit well into my busy schedule, so I decided to take her recommendation.  I learned a lot and got to know more about the Code of Ethics for a medical interpreter, which is quite different from being a court interpreter.  David provided excellent customer service to me and tried to help resolve any problems I had from the beginning until the end. 

I’d say that taking MITS classes will definitely help you understand the Code of Ethics better. I found the course super beneficial; It helped me to pass the CCHI written and oral tests.” 

— Lei Arellano, Mandarin CHI™ – California, 12/22/17

“My name is Zahra, and I’m an Arabic interpreter. I took the Non-Language-Specific Fundamental Training at MITS in 2015. I was a little nervous before buying the complete 40-hr course because I didn’t know what to expect.  But right after I started, I realized that I had made the perfect choice. I learned a lot in every chapter; I loved how challenging the exercises could get.  I improved so much and in so many areas, both in Arabic and English. I had an amazing experience and I think you will too!”



— Zahra Abdallah, Core CHI™ – Illinois, 1/27/16

“This is a rigorous program with excellent training material. I am so pumped about being able to go out in the field confident that I received excellent training and that I am now a certified health care interpreter! Thank you MITS!”

– Akoa James Benoit, French CoreCHI™ – Main, 10/20/17

The courses I took at MITS were key for me to pass the CCHI certification exam on my first try. I felt well prepared because of the professionally made courses. Excellent vocabulary, real-life cases, and comprehensive exams!

— Marcela Bledt, Spanish CHI™ – New Jersey 8/31/17

“I took an interpreter course with another company because it was cheaper and they promised a lot. Unfortunately, I made a big mistake. After completing that program I felt unprepared and dissatisfied with the poor quality and customer service. It was a waste of my time and money.

So, I decided to call MITS and spoke with David, he was very helpful and pointed me in the right direction. I purchased a few classes from the basic program, and boy what a difference! I wish I’d taken my 40 hours of training at MITS instead, it was worth the extra dollars!”

— Johnna Pedroza – Michigan 3/12/17

“For any interpreter looking to acquire further credentials and establish themselves as a professional within their field, one need look no further than MITS. Provided that you are able to put your pride aside, and become a true student, you will find yourself increasing your vocabulary exponentially, enhancing your comfort level with sight translation, and ultimately ensuring your confidence and success in the field of medical interpreting.

This is not a class to be taken for granted, and you should expect to spend a minimum of four hours per section working on the course material. While this may sound like a chore, it is quite the opposite. There is a wealth of material that is covered throughout this course, and to rush through it would only be to rob yourself of knowledge. For those up to the challenge, MITS proves a fantastic preparatory tool for the CCHI certification exam, and should not be taken lightly.”

— Eric Mullis, Spanish Interpreter – Maryland 12/1/17

“I chose MITS because, unlike other courses, I could have online access to all material and practice lessons, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This aspect allowed to me to learn at my own pace, whether sitting in front of my computer or during breaks at work, using my phone for access at work and when out-and-about.  Navigating throughout the course was easy and seamless, both on a tabletop computer as well as my iPhone. The material covered in this class is very thorough. It is presented in a clear, orderly manner. This proved to be an excellent, helpful and enjoyable use of my time. I’m glad I chose MITS!”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

— Fernando Alfaro, Spanish Interpreter – California 1/17/18

“I researched multiple courses and programs before taking on this new aspect of career choice. I did further research and everything that MITS offers was exactly what I needed. The fact that you can choose to study a certain topic or an entire course sets it aside from other programs.

When I first started this program, I was very intimidated about the path I was about to undergo. Even though I am bilingual and have done some interpreting for coworkers, this is my first step into a new field and career. I still feel a bit intimidated, but now I feel I have the confidence and knowledge to face what needs to be faced. I look forward to continuing my education as an interpreter and will continue to use and support MITS.”

— Julio Muñoz, Spanish Interpreter – Texas 12/5/17

“This course was incredibly helpful and set the professional standards every interpreter should aspire towards. As a new Interpreter, I feel as though my confidence is now at a level where I can approach the test with high hopes of passing and become a huge help to the medical community and its patients. I also look forward to going back and reviewing this course frequently as to strengthen the skills I learned this past month and continue to be a better professional.”

— Carla Houston, Spanish Interpreter – California, 1/9/18

“Talking to David over the phone was very encouraging. The recordings were awesome and very helpful. I alsoloved the fact that I worked at my leisure.”

— Irma Navarro Mora, Spanish Interpreter – California 2/7/18

“The course was very clear and well organized, I enjoyed that I was able to advance at my own pace. My favorite part was the practice exercises where I could see my progress.”


— Angela Pamela Gonzalez-Ariza, Spanish Interpreter – North Carolina, 12/13/17

“Hello David, I just came back from an interpreting job for a business I had worked with before. It involved 4 straight hours of consecutive and simultaneous interpreting on Friday and 1.5 hours of consecutive on Saturday. What I have studied and practiced so far in the course kept coming to my mind. The National Director of the business gave me the following feedback: I already thought you were a great interpreter, and that’s why I wanted to hire you. But now you’ve gone up to a whole new level! 

The audience even applauded my interpretation on Saturday! It was amazing. All I did was apply the techniques I am learning at MITS.  Thank you for a great course and I thought you would like to know how impacting it is, even for a seasoned interpreter. Gratefully,”

— Priscila Mattos de Assumpção, M.A., C.C. – Portuguese Interpreter – Brasil, 7/9/16

“The course is not only convenient and user-friendly, but also enlightening, and, dare I say it, fun. I took and easily passed the CCHI certification exam, and I credit MITS for that. If you are hoping to become a specialized medical interpreter or renew your credentials, look no further.”

— Sandra Rodriguez, Spanish CHI™ – California, 1/20/16

“MITS taught me skills specific to the practice and showed me methods to improve and apply them to real-life situations. The most cost-effective and efficient course!”

— Remi Sanchez, Spanish Interpreter – Massachusetts 11/6/17

“I highly recommend David as an instructor! I had the fortune to listen to one of his lectures as a guest instructor in a medical interpreting class. On that occasion, he lectured about interpreting in end of life situations. He only teaches medical interpreting and he is a true master; he has so many “flight hours” in the trenches. He really knows the field and you would greatly benefit from his expertise.”

— Anabella Tidona, MA, Spanish FCCI, CHI™ – California, 11/11/15

“I have been called on many times to translate in different situations and have always felt that because I was fluent in Spanish it should be something I could do competently. After taking the course, I am so much more aware of the complexity of providing an accurate translation. I’m so glad I took this course! I learned so much and feel I can now enter an interpreting assignment with confidence. This course has been an eye-opener and I am so grateful to have found this opportunity. I hope anyone doing medical interpretations realizes how important it is to take this course.”



— Elizabeth A. Burton, Spanish Interpreter – 1/17/18

“MITS provides a comprehensive review of many different scenarios you may encounter in the medical field. They also provide the necessary vocabulary and tips to help become a successful interpreter.” 

— Katy Spykman, Spanish Interpreter – Michigan 1/15/18

“I’m very grateful for the Written Exam Prep bonus course! It definitely helped me to pass the Core exam with CCHI.”


— Yanney Law, Mandarin CHI – California 10/26/17

“MITS is quite intense. At first, I thought I might get through it in a month or so, but it ended up taking around 3 months (which is a good thing). The same thing happened to my friend who started taking it about the same time. There was so much vocab to learn and so many medical concepts to become familiar with, that I recommend taking your time. This is coming from someone with only a certain amount of previous medical knowledge. The good news is that with lots of studying in the program, it made me so fascinated with studying medical treatments and nutrition to enhance my knowledge of how things work instead of just memorizing a list of terms. Knowing the terms in Spanish is important but understanding their implications and what they mean has cemented my desire to pursue a career in healthcare.”

— Jonathan R. Holm, Spanish Interpreter — Iowa 09/28/2017

“The experience at MITS was extremely pleasant and I think all aspiring medical interpreters should take this course. It was the best $640 I ever invested. The knowledge I obtained will still be useful even after I finished the course. The additional resources were especially helpful and I will continue to use them as a tool for further development.”

— Deonca Williams – New Jersey, 7/22/17

“I strongly believe that I wouldn’t have succeeded in passing the National Board exams the first time without this course. I had only been interpreting for a few months prior to taking this course, and upon completion of the 40 hours of training, I felt very confident and well-equipped. I am very happy to end up with wonderful information and resources that will continue to help me strengthen my skills. I decided to take MITS course because it’s a school recognized by the IMIA and CCHI and because David was very patient and helpful; he really took his time to answer all my questions when I called.”

— Marlene Cabrera, Spanish CMI – California, 2/11/16

“I really enjoyed learning from MITS, this is a very professional course; I loved all the informative videos.”


— Patricia Ling, Spanish Interpreter – Florida, 11/19/17

“I’m at the beginning of my interpreting career, and MITS opened my eyes to the various types of interpreting along with the importance of accurate interpreting and everything that entails. I found the information of the do’s and don’ts along with their explanations especially helpful.”

— Helen Hoekman, Spanish Interpreter – South Dakota 10/10/17

 “This 40-hour course was worth every penny! A few years ago, I took a similar medical interpreter training course but MITS’s course is hands down much better and more educational. I will recommend this course to anyone thinking of going into the medical interpreting field.”

— Diana Ramirez Ptacek, Spanish Interpreter – Georgia 10/4/16

“I learned that the Spanish I know is very different than the one I learned here.”

— Consuelo Rodriguez – California, 7/21/17

“The Spanish interpreter course at MITS is a true test of self-discipline and desire to learn. If you’re dedicated to truly learning the keys to becoming a great interpreter, then this course is right for you. This course allowed me to further expand my previous knowledge having gained a bachelors in Spanish. I wanted to challenge myself, enrich my Spanish vocabulary and gain overall a better understanding of interpreting.”

— Maureen Lamas, Spanish Interpreter — California 10/03/2017

“This course definitely improved my skills and sharpened them as well. Recordings the exercises for each course was really a great experience since I’ve never actually heard myself. It provided great knowledge in where I stood in regard to interpreting and what areas I felt needed improvements.”

— Cristine Serrano – New York, 7/20/17

“I just want to thank you for the opportunity you gave me to take this course online.”

— Laura Radchik – California, 7/14/17

“I want to give five stars to my experience with MITS.  I was thinking that because I am good at speaking two languages, English and Spanish (I am from Galicia, Spain), I didn’t need this course. But, I was completely wrong! I really learn a lot with this course, and it’s helping me a lot with my job; I’m going to continue to practice for the whole year.  Being very honest, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be a good Interpreter!  Thank you so much MITS!”

— Sarita Castro – Florida, 7/9/17

“I learned a lot, thank you!”

— AL FARM – Massachusetts, 7/5/17

“An amazing experience where everything is done in a professional yet friendly manner. I appreciate the tone and voice of the main speaker, is was always attractive to listen to, never boring. I also loved the videos: they give you a good understanding for someone like me not in the medical careers. At the same time, they allow you to relax for a moment when you are doing the different exercises. The web interface is easy to navigate and everything is very well organized and set up in a didactic way. David answered every question I had immediately, even during the weekends. Overall, an outstanding course! Highly appreciated as a teacher myself.”

— Paloma Moscardo-Valles – New Jersey, 6/10/17

“The course was very beautifully organized and easy to follow the instructor step by step. Thank you so much for this course!”

— Samer Rahoumi – New York, 7/4/17

“I would love to share a testimonial about my experience with MITS. As a person that grew up bilingual, I have already recommended many of my bilingual friends to enroll in the courses.”

— Bryan Guzman Lopez – North Carolina, 6/30/17

“I’m a new interpreter and even though many of the exercises were way above my level, I still got a lot out of the course. I’ve enrolled in other online interpreting classes and this was the best one! The staff was encouraging and responsive too. I highly recommend the 40-hour program for beginner and experienced interpreters!”

— Keith Hayden – Texas, 6/28/17

“This was a great opportunity for me. I lost my job and needed something to do and a change of career. While I was out of work I went with relatives to help them as an interpreter and I was told by several healthcare providers how good and clear I interpret. I realized this is something I was enjoying do it why not make it my new career. Thank you MITS for creating this opportunity for me and many other people. “

— Allan Mora – Massachusetts, 10/25/16

“MITS is not just incredible preparation for medical interpreters – it is more encompassing than what is advertised. They really care for their students’ success! MITS is like a course in Spanish medical terminology, linguistics, medicine, and proper etiquette all rolled into one! Classes never got boring because there was something that would spark curiosity in each lesson. I highly recommend this program to everyone. Very well organized and interesting!”

— Jasmine Chandy – Illinois, 6/20/17

“Well, it is my first experience with online certification classes. To me, it was interesting, even though sometimes complicated. After all it was a really good challenge for me, also very educational. Thanks, MITS.”

— Gladys Giuliana Crocitta – Maryland, 6/25/17

“This Course is worth it!

MITS is a great (Spanish) medical interpreter training school. It was a great tool for me to use towards my future employment. Their materials were very helpful and understandable. The resources given to me were very useful. The Course price is highly affordable I recommend this school to those searching for training.”

— Iliana Suarez – Washington, 6/13/17

“This was an excellent course and I look forward to getting my certification from the National Board.”

— Brayan Elias Cisneros Sanchez – Iowa, 6/10/17

“I am very glad to have chosen MITS to prepare myself for the Interpreting exam. I have a lot experienced in both languages and have invested a lot of time in studying the linguistic aspect of them both. However, I knew this new career was a complete different language experience to what I have seen before. And the preparation I’ve gotten through this training program has given me more confidence and a good idea of what I could expect in the work field as well as what I need to keep working on, in order to improve as a Medical Interpreter.”

— Maria Jenny Carolina Rashe – California, 5/18/17

“MITS is a great way to receive your interpreting certificate at a low cost and in the comfort of your own home and at the pace you can handle.”

— Carol Morales – California, 5/24/17

“This was an excellent online learning experience. The instructors pace and clarity was excellent.”

— Jennifer Pazmino – Nevada, 5/24/17

“Very thorough, informative, and helpful course!”

— Joel Jonathan Gomez Rodriguez – Texas, 6/10/17

“I really enjoyed the 40-hour course. I truly believe that this course has taught me and showed me the materials needed to prepare for the Certification Exam. I feel that now I have a good building block to further my education and pursue the requirements needed for employment in the Medical setting. Thank you.”

— Clara T. Iriarte – New Mexico, 5/15/17

“This is an awesome program which has help me a lot to improve my medical vocabulary, English and Spanish.”

— Raquel Suarez – Texas, 4/30/17

“I really enjoyed working at my own pace and feeling very challenged. I love the feeling of being over-prepared and having the opportunity to constantly strengthen my skills, even after I have finished the course.”

— Mollee Thermos – Illinois, 4/27/17

“I really liked the exercises and worksheets and I think they were very helpful in my learning of the material and especially of the vocab in my other language.”

— Theresa Ngoc Do – California, 4/25/17

“People who went to other institutions and spent years taking the course came to me with questions about how to handle a situation.”

— Yessica Gessner – Wyoming, 4/21/17

“Thank you so much for making it possible to complete this training on line. As a single mother of two young children I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the flexibility of completing this training on my own time. 
Thank you SO MUCH!”

— Vilma V. Aguilar – California, 4/20/17

“Very thorough and complete! An excellent choice for gaining experience at your own pace!”

— Elena Teresa Boldu Lowery – Tennessee, 4/12/17

“The individualized medical specialties and videos are very informative as some healthcare professionals like me have worked in only one specialty, none or internal medicine, so this course is not only educational but I learned so much about fundamental, ethics and standards, do’s and don’ts, how to take control over a sensitive case, what is your roll as an interpreter, which position to stand while in the exam room. I agree with someone who previously left a review on the webpage stating that this class definitely humbled him and so it did to me. I have learned so much, the training class took me about 1 month to finish because I did it in my spare time on my own pace which is one of the benefits of MITS, but suggest you can do complete it in a less time, at times I would re-take and asked myself ” where was I ” but no worries, the program is so easy, it will highlight to indicate where you left, it guides you step by step, you feel as if you are in a class in person unless you look at your computer room, it has a medical dictionary and medical terminology. Thank you David.”

— Patricia McFarlane – Georgia, 4/10/17

“Great course to take! Make sure you have plenty of time to take the course. Don’t procrastinate with it.”

— Jonnathan Mauricio Pineda – New York, 3/14/17

“I really felt challenged in my tests, and had to study much vocabulary. 
Thanks MIT”

— Andrea Peters – South Carolina, 3/5/17

“Great experience, easy to follow. Challenging exercises but they are worth the time and effort!!”

— Maria Rosario Acevedo – Pennsylvania, 2/15/17

“I definitely feel that MITS has prepared me to take my exam and I am very thankful that the school was advertised on the certification website. I feel that MITS definitely stressed and focused on those aspects of medical interpretation that are vital to one’s success as an interpreter. David has done a marvelous job in all of the recordings and structuring of the different lessons and classes. This is a high quality 40-hour course that should be considered by any beginning interpreter. Thanks!”

— Nia E. Husk – California, 6/11/17

“MITS was a perfect fit for me. I work full-time and it was convenient for me to take each course at my own time. David was very helpful in guiding me through the process. Thank you so much!”

— Claudia Mendivil – California, 1/30/17

“Excellent resource. MITS is a great way to get started on your medical interpreting journey.”

— Miguel Yustiz Torrez – Virginia, 1/16/17

“Before this class I didn’t know how to deal interpreting for close friends without having them asking me personal questions. That had nothing to do with their visit to the provider. but now I feel more confident and know how to prepare myself and let patient and provided know that I’m there to interpret and do my best.”

— Dora Alicia Orellana – Iowa, 1/16/17

 “This is the first time that I studied medical interpreting, it helped me a lot to gain medical terminology knowledge.”

— Jinmyong Song – California, 5/26/17

“I had been a medical interpreter for over 10 years already, but I was curious to know what else I could possibly learn from a course that I hadn’t seen already. I was pleasantly surprised, the course helped me improve my speed in consecutive interpretation and gave me a whole amount of knowledge as far as ethics go. I am very glad I took this course.”

— Angela Campos – California, 7/24/17

 “My experience was a very good one. Whenever I had a problem David was quick to respond, always available and willing to resolve any issue.” 

— Doris L. Foulkes – Texas, 11/14/16 

“I have learned so much through this course. Not only about standards of practice or medical terminology in both Spanish and English, but more so about the value that being bilingual has. It’s not only about knowing two languages but knowing and being prepared to transmit the essence of any message and bridging the gap between two parties.” 

— Jacob Moreno Robles – Arkansas, 11/14/16

“I had a great learning experience!”

— Karen Bendok, CHI™ – Arizona, 11/10/16

“I learned a lot from this course, especially I learned on my pace. Listening and repeating was of a great benefit to me. It was a great experience and I already recommended to some of my friends.”

— Souraya Hamzah-Rafeh – Illinois, 10/31/16

“Solid course!”

— Salomé Eleanor Phillmann – Iowa, 10/29/16

“A simple way to reach the 40hrs requirement!”

— Elisa Veiga Small – California, 10/25/16

“It is easy to lose track of time when the course is online. If the person is organized and is committed it should not be a problem.”

— Maria Magdalena Mendiola – California, 10/25/16

“I am glad that I took this course. I do think it was worth the investment. 
I feel more confident as a professional interpreter. Thank you!”

— Lee W. Hockaday – Texas, 10/21/16

“Well, I’m off work for health issues. So, I’m taking these online classes to improve my state of mind and to feel productive. I’ve done interpreter assignments in the past without a solid training in the field. I’m very glad I registered and invested $640 in MTS to study!! I have a lot of passion for learning about interpreting and translating!”

— Zoila Alvarez – California, 10/20/16

“Great and relevant materials, very organized, great website (easy to work with), wonderful staff that responded immediately to all my emails/doubts.”

— Yolanda Vieira Borges Goncalves – Washington DC, 10/12/16

“I really enjoyed the combination of reading the material, listening to recordings, and doing practical exercises. Probably the best combination of ways of learning for an online course. Thank you!”

— Anne Leister – Virginia, 10/12/16

“MITS online course is very professional and worth taking. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have. I am a seasoned interpreter in a different field and some of the techniques in this course will be very helpful to me.  The good thing is that the course is available for review before taking the Certification test.” 

— Migdalia Ramirez Plasencia – New York, 10/10/17

“I was happy to find this option online and very grateful I was able to improve my interpreting skills at my own pace and time availability.”

— Johana Marcela Pinilla – Tennesse 10/7/16

“I’m thankful I looked up your website and decided to take the course. I will be so much better prepared to work as a medical interpreter because of the classes I took. Thank you for making it challenging and for covering so many different aspects of interpreting!” 

— Amy Pointer – Missouri, 9/30/16

“It was very helpful in terms of understanding the interpreter behavior with patients and providers and standards. Also, the ethical dilemma scenarios were very beneficial.” 

— Faruq Maiwand – California, 9/27/16

“I enjoyed my experience with MITS, the videos were very informative and the exercises very helpful.”

— Monica Rooney – California, 9/26/16

“MITS is very helpful I had a lot of fun learning in this method.”

— Claudia Marcela Lugo – California, 9/23/16

“As a former Medical Interpreter, this course helped me to better understand the role of an interpreter and learn the rights and wrongs. It taught me a lot more than I didn’t know and it has helped me improve in my job.” 

— Vanessa Lisette Roa – California, 9/20/16

“Hello David,

I just came back from an interpreting job for a business I had worked with before. It involved 4 straight hours of consecutive and simultaneous interpreting on Friday and 1.5 hours of consecutive on Saturday. What I have studied and practiced so far in the course kept coming to my mind. The National Director of the business gave me the following feedback:

“I already thought you were a great interpreter, and that’s why I wanted to hire you. But now you’ve gone up to a whole new level!”

The audience even applauded my interpretation on Saturday! It was amazing. All I did was apply the techniques I am learning at MITS.

Thank you for a great course and I thought you would like to know how impacting it is, even for a seasoned interpreter.


— Priscila Mattos de Assumpção, M.A., C.C. – Brasil, 7/9/16

“Yes! I passed the written and oral exams to become a Certified Medical Interpreter, CMI, by the National Board (NBCMI). I couldn’t have done it without MITS’s professional and invaluable help. When I had some navigation questions, David contacted me right away; he was very nice and courteous. Self-paced study at my own convenience and home made it possible for me to contemplate studying for this test. It was also much more affordable than in-person classes. I do recommend this course to my colleagues. Thank you MITS!”

— Julie Wagner, CA Court C., Korean CMI – California, 8/24/15

“MITS is an excellent 40 hour preparation course for the Medical Interpreting Exam. The material provided is top notch. I stumbled upon this course looking for a review for the Written Exam, having already taken another 40 hour course.

I purchased the MITS exam review and soon realized the previous course did not prepare me for the in-depth ethics situations, or English medical vocabulary I needed to know.

Glad to say I passed the written exam, and was so impressed, I purchased the 40 hour class before taking the oral exam.”

— Shawn Renée Guzmán – New York, 10/16/16

“I thought I was an interpreter because I had a few years under my belt, and, boy oh boy, did I get humbled in this course…It’s challenging and for a good reason!

After this intense regimen I can say with all certainty that I would have failed the certification exam and given up all together with the interpreting thing. Thanks to David and the marvelous team from MITS I am confident and motivated to not only get certified but to further my training.”

— Pablo Pérez – Florida, 8/30/16

“I passed the national written and oral certification exams on my first try! I feel very proud of myself and happy to be a Certified Healthcare Interpreter, CHI™.  I don’t think I would’ve done so good in my exams if it hadn’t been for MITS (David to be more specific). David was always available to answer any of my questions. The tone of his voice is very relaxing and super clear, making the whole learning experience an enjoyable journey.

I recommend this course to any interpreter no matter how long you’ve been interpreting. You learned some new vocabulary in English, medical terminology or even Spanish slang. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn and refresh about ethics and other subjects that we all need to keep to date.”

— Leonor Fraga, Spanish CHI™ – South Carolina, 7/18/15

“I translate bestselling books and write for magazines, websites and newspapers in the U.S. and Mexico, and am a former managing editor for one of the most influential newspapers in Latin America, but chose to develop a parallel career as a specialized medical interpreter. Why? Because medical interpreting is currently one of the fastest-growing fields and provides a sense of purpose by allowing me to truly help others.

In order to work toward my goal of achieving certification, I needed to fulfill a 40-hour training prerequisite. As a busy person, I found the Fundamental Training online program offered by Medical Interpreting Training School (MITS) invaluable. The course is not only convenient and user-friendly, but also enlightening, and, dare I say it, fun. Additionally, customer satisfaction seems to be a high priority for the school. Whenever I e-mailed a question, I received a prompt, polite and informative reply.

I recently took and easily passed the CCHI certification exam, and I credit MITS for that. If you are hoping to become a specialized medical interpreter or renew your credentials, look no further.”

— Sandra Rodriguez, Spanish CHI™ – California, 1/20/16

“I needed the medical interpreter course hours to be able to take the CMI exam, so I decide to take the 40-hour online course for Spanish interpreters at MITS. The written and recorded material was very useful. The level of vocabulary and the pace of the recorded material were higher than the CMI exam. MITS customer service was quick to answer concerns.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone preparing to become a certified medical interpreter.”

— María Teresa Bonafonte Cimiano, PhD, MPH, MS, Spanish CMI – California, 6/30/16

“At the beginning, I didn’t know how the classes were going to be conducted and how much I could really learn from them. After I started, I was pleased to find that the classes were divided into sigh, simultaneous and consecutive lessons. I also liked the level of speed, vocabulary and difficulty. I would recommend these classes because they engage you from the beginning and are an excellent opportunity to practice more vocabulary and earn CEUs.”

— Eileen Ervesun, Spanish CMI – Indiana, 5/13/15

“This was my first time taking classes online so I was a little nervous! But after understanding the instructions and the intuitive navigation, it was not hard at all.  I was always given immediate help and support when I needed it. So far I’ve take over 20 hours of continuing education at MITS because these classes help me improve my interpreting skills, vocabulary, listening skills and a lot more. I recommend my colleagues to be prepared because these classes are challenging! I’m looking forward to completing all my CEUs at MITS as they release more classes.”

— Marcela Grad, Spanish CMI – California, 10/20/16

“I noticed this program on the registry of accepted training programs posted on the National Board website. I liked it because it was economical and short, without compromising structure and quality. These classes helped me tremendously in terms of vocabulary, self-confidence, knowledge about what to expect on both tests and for my future career in this field.

David was very accessible with any questions or concerns I had. It is wonderful to have taken classes from such a great instructor who knows what is expected in this field and can ameliorate the accompanying worries. He is an excellent teacher and mentor, which is saying a lot considering the course is online.

There are a lot of choices but MITS is cost-effective and invaluable. It’s worth the investment and you’ll be happy after you are finished. This course will definitely help you accomplish your medical interpreting goals and prepare you for the national medical interpreter exam.”

— Elizabeth Vasquez, Spanish CMI – California, 7/19/16

“Dear David,

I would like to thank you very much for the enormous effort you put into creating such an amazing program. I really appreciate your providing aspiring interpreters, like myself, with the necessary tools and guidance to become health care interpreters.

This course was very interesting and helpful. It added a lot to my existing knowledge and skills. I enjoyed creating my own glossaries and interpreting in many medical scenarios. The crosswords exercises were my favorite; they were really encouraging, challenging and a great way to review.”

— Gihan Abdalla – Texas, 5/30/16

“It’s worth it!

MITS is a great medical interpreter training school. It did not only train me to pass the exam, but also a great tool in actual work. Their materials and resources provided are very practical and useful. The school took me to the path to becoming a medical interpreter and I am grateful for it. Besides, the price is reasonable. I highly recommend this school to those searching for training.”

— Yi Shen, Mandarin CMI – New York, 6/21/16

“My initial concern with taking an online course was the fear of it being too difficult to navigate; however, MITS’s program is extremely user friendly and I did not have any confusion or difficulty from beginning to end. I liked the study material and practices because they were very realistic and encouraged me to challenge and to assess my interpretation skills, in Sight, Consecutive, and Simultaneous modes; it never got boring and the lessons kept me engaged at all times.

I recommend MITS, based on the fact that the program allows interpreters to work at their own pace, it covers very important material and offers very insightful interpretation techniques.

I definitely rate MITS 5/5 because it is a very efficient tool for interpreters. The prices are very reasonable, and the convenience of being able to work online, on your own schedule is priceless. The customer service was outstanding. The gentleman who assisted me was very courteous and helpful throughout the entire process. Thank you!”

— Gildana Lindo, Spanish CHI ™ – California, 4/15/15

“I was a little nervous about taking classes online at MITS because I wasn’t sure about what to expect regarding the format and technology. However, I was very pleased with the organization and structure. I liked the fact that I was able to work at my own pace without being pressured, and that I could review the modules as needed. I also liked very much the materials provided: handouts, vocabulary, exercises, renditions of the dialogues and sight translations. I’d recommend these courses to my colleagues because they can be very useful in order to advance our professional development and earn CE credits at the same time. I really enjoyed the Endo class!”

— Espi Ralston, Spanish CMI, CHI™ – Tennessee, 4/15/15

“My main concern before deciding to take classes with MITS was that, honestly, I did not know what to expect. So decided to pay for one of the sessions and find out for myself—it was all worth it and I loved it; I plan to take additional courses. The page was very easy to navigate, the course was very informative, keeps us up to date with different scenarios, and makes you practice, which at the same time makes you more confident during interpretations. I would definitely recommend MITS classes to my colleagues. I also enjoyed studying at my own pace and on my own time.”

— Ana Maria Ibarra-Lango, Spanish CHI™ – Virginia, 4/6/15

“Thank you very much, MITS, for your assistance during the time I was taking the Psychiatry and Endocrinology course. I really enjoyed participating and I do feel like I am taking away something useful out of them. I am looking forward to taking the rest of the courses in the future.”

— Enrique Varas, Spanish CHI ™ – California, 9/25/15


Hello, David.

I would like to let you know that I have successfully passed the CoreCCHI Examination. I am really grateful to you for the wonderful training course that helped me advance my knowledge and become certified. I really enjoyed it beyond belief and look forward to continuing my education with you some time soon.

Good luck to you and your students!


— Tamara Karapetian, Russian CoreCHI™ – New York, 2/14/15

“Years ago, I took a similar course at an interpreter school and didn’t learn nearly as much as I learned with MITS course. The lessons are structured well which makes it easier to review and study. The instructor has a great demeanor, and explains the lessons very well. The instructions are easy to follow and the lesson plans are structured very well.

I will continue to study and review the courses, and feel confident that I will be able to pass the certification exam. Thank you very much! Please keep up the good work.”

— Ifrain Contreras – California, 9/8/16

“As a busy working mom, the 40-hour training program online is fantastic and convenient! The instructor is great and the classes are challenging. I’m happy that I chose this program after looking and looking for months and couldn’t make up my mind. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to prepare for the certification exam!”

— Regina Mazariegos – Maryland, 5/3/15

“I’d like to share with all my colleagues that I love the classes I’m taking at MITS! They are fun and presented in a very easy to follow format. MITS has also provided me with great customer service and support! I’m very satisfied.”

— Evelyn Blanco, Spanish CMI – Florida 10/12/14

“When I found MITS, I knew I had found exactly what I needed—a course that I could take at my own time and convenience. After signing up I had a lot of questions that were promptly answered by David; he was always very kind and supportive. Before starting with the course, I had no idea much great material was in it. I enjoyed it very much and was eager to learn more and more every time I moved on.

I’m an older lady who loves learning and enriching my languages and culture. I found that this 40-hour course has greatly helped me improve many aspects of my interpreting skills and cultural competency in such little time. The exercises were exciting and challenging, and, at the same time, the instructions were very clear and easy to follow. I have no doubt that I invested my time and money in something that has helped me gain more knowledge and confidence. This is a remarkable course, don’t miss it!”

— Jessie Beshel – Florida, 12/29/15