These Testimonials are from Interpreters with Real Names and Credentials

“I passed the national written and oral certification exams on my first try! I feel very proud of myself and happy to be a Certified Healthcare Interpreter, CHI™.  I don’t think I would’ve done so good in my exams if it hadn’t been for MITS (David to be more specific). David was always available to answer any of my questions. The tone of his voice is very relaxing and super clear, making the whole learning experience an enjoyable journey.

I recommend this course to any interpreter no matter how long you’ve been interpreting. You’ve always learn some new vocabulary in English, medical terminology or even Spanish slang. You’ll also have the opportunity to learn and refresh about ethics and other subjects that we all need to keep to date.”

— Leonor Fraga, Spanish CHI™ – South Carolina, 7/18/15


The experience at MITS was extremely pleasant and I think all aspiring medical interpreters should take this course. It was the best $640 I ever invested. The knowledge I obtained will still be useful even after I finished the course. The additional resources were especially helpful and I will continue to use them as a tool for further development.

— Deonca Williams – New Jersey, 7/22/17

“I had been a medical interpreter for over 10 years already, but I was curious to know what else I could possibly learn from a course that I hadn’t seen already. I was pleasantly surprised, the course helped me improve my speed in consecutive interpretation and gave me a whole amount of knowledge as far as ethics go. I am very glad I took this course.”

— Angela Campos – California, 7/24/17

“I strongly believe that I wouldn’t have succeeded in passing the National Board exams the first time without this course. I had only been interpreting for a few months prior to taking this course, and upon completion of the 40 hours of training I felt very confident, and well-equipped. I am very happy to end up with wonderful information and resources that will continue to help me strengthen my skills.

I decided to take MITS course because it’s a school recognized by the IMIA and CCHI and because David was very patient and helpful; he really took his time to answer all my questions when I called.

— Marlene Cabrera, Spanish CMI – California, 2/11/16

“I took an interpreting program with another company because it was cheaper and they promised a lot. Unfortunately, I made a mistake. After completing the program I felt unprepared and dissatisfied about the quality and content of the course.

So I decided to call MITS and spoke with David, he was very helpful and pointed me in the right direction. I purchased a few classes from the basic program, and boy what a difference! I wish I’d taken my 40 hours of training at MITS instead, it was worth the extra dollars!”

— Jonathan Pedroza – Michigan 3/12/15

“My name is Zahra, and I’m an Arabic interpreter. I took the Non-Language-Specific Fundamental Training at MITS in 2015. I was a little nervous before buying the complete 40-hr course because I didn’t know what to expect. But right after I started, I realized that I had made the perfect choice. I learned a lot in every chapter; I loved how challenging the exercises could get. I improved so much and in so many areas, both in Arabic and English. I had an amazing experience and I think you will too!”

— Zahra Abdallah, Core CHI™ – Illinois, 1/27/16

“Hello David,

I just came back from an interpreting job for a business I had worked with before. It involved 4 straight hours of consecutive and simultaneous interpreting on Friday and 1.5 hours of consecutive on Saturday. What I have studied and practiced so far in the course kept coming to my mind. The National Director of the business gave me the following feedback:

“I already thought you were a great interpreter, and that’s why I wanted to hire you. But now you’ve gone up to a whole new level!”

The audience even applauded my interpretation on Saturday! It was amazing. All I did was apply the techniques I am learning at MITS.

Thank you for a great course and I thought you would like to know how impacting it is, even for a seasoned interpreter.


— Priscila Mattos de Assumpção, M.A., C.C. – Brasil, 7/9/16

“Yes! I passed the written and oral exams to become a Certified Medical Interpreter, CMI, by the National Board (NBCMI). I couldn’t have done it without MITS’s professional and invaluable help. When I had some navigation questions, David contacted me right away; he was very nice and courteous. Self-paced study at my own convenience and home made it possible for me to contemplate studying for this test. It was also much more affordable than in-person classes. I do recommend this course to my colleagues. Thank you MITS!”

— Julie Wagner, CA Court C., Korean CMI – California, 8/24/15

“I was introduced to MITS by close friend who told me about this online program.  I thought it would fit well in my busy schedule, so I decided to take her recommendation.  I learned a lot and got to know more about the Code of Ethics for a medical interpreter, which is quite different from being a court interpreter.  David provided excellent customer service to me and tried to help resolve any problems I had from the beginning until the end. 

I’d say that taking MITS classes will definitely help you understand the Code of Ethics better. I found the course super beneficial; It helped me to pass the CCHI written test.” 

— Lei Arellano, Mandarin CoreCHI™ – California, 6/12/16

“MITS is an excellent 40 hour preparation course for the Medical Interpreting Exam. The material provided is top notch. I stumbled upon this course looking for a review for the Written Exam, having already taken another 40 hour course.

I purchased the MITS exam review and soon realized the previous course did not prepare me for the in-depth ethics situations, or English medical vocabulary I needed to know.

Glad to say I passed the written exam, and was so impressed, I purchased the 40 hour class before taking the oral exam.”

— Shawn Renée Guzmán – New York, 10/16/16

“I thought I was an interpreter because I had a few years under my belt, and, boy oh boy, did I get humbled in this course…It’s challenging and for a good reason!

After this intense regimen I can say with all certainty that I would have failed the certification exam and given up all together with the interpreting thing. Thanks to David and the marvelous team from MITS I am confident and motivated to not only get certified but to further my training.”

— Pablo Pérez – Florida, 8/30/16

“I translate bestselling books and write for magazines, websites and newspapers in the U.S. and Mexico, and am a former managing editor for one of the most influential newspapers in Latin America, but chose to develop a parallel career as a specialized medical interpreter. Why? Because medical interpreting is currently one of the fastest-growing fields and provides a sense of purpose by allowing me to truly help others.

In order to work toward my goal of achieving certification, I needed to fulfill a 40-hour training prerequisite. As a busy person, I found the Fundamental Training online program offered by Medical Interpreting Training School (MITS) invaluable. The course is not only convenient and user-friendly, but also enlightening, and, dare I say it, fun. Additionally, customer satisfaction seems to be a high priority for the school. Whenever I e-mailed a question, I received a prompt, polite and informative reply.

I recently took and easily passed the CCHI certification exam, and I credit MITS for that. If you are hoping to become a specialized medical interpreter or renew your credentials, look no further.”

— Sandra Rodriguez, Spanish CHI™ – California, 1/20/16

“I needed the medical interpreter course hours to be able to take the CMI exam, so I decide to take the 40-hour online course for Spanish interpreters at MITS. The written and recorded material was very useful. The level of vocabulary and the pace of the recorded material were higher than the CMI exam. MITS customer service was quick to answer concerns.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone preparing to become a certified medical interpreter.”

— María Teresa Bonafonte Cimiano, PhD, MPH, MS, Spanish CMI – California, 6/30/16

“At the beginning, I didn’t know how the classes were going to be conducted and how much I could really learn from them. After I started, I was pleased to find that the classes were divided into sigh, simultaneous and consecutive lessons. I also liked the level of speed, vocabulary and difficulty. I would recommend these classes because they engage you from the beginning and are an excellent opportunity to practice more vocabulary and earn CEUs.”

— Eileen Ervesun, Spanish CMI – Indiana, 5/13/15

“This was my first time taking classes online so I was a little nervous! But after understanding the instructions and the intuitive navigation, it was not hard at all.  I was always given immediate help and support when I needed it. So far I’ve take over 20 hours of continuing education at MITS because these classes help me improve my interpreting skills, vocabulary, listening skills and a lot more. I recommend my colleagues to be prepared because these classes are challenging! I’m looking forward to completing all my CEUs at MITS as they release more classes.”

— Marcela Grad, Spanish CMI – California, 10/20/16

“I noticed this program on the registry of accepted training programs posted on the National Board website. I liked it because it was economical and short, without compromising structure and quality. These classes helped me tremendously in terms of vocabulary, self-confidence, knowledge about what to expect on both tests and for my future career in this field.

David was very accessible with any questions or concerns I had. It is wonderful to have taken classes from such a great instructor who knows what is expected in this field and can ameliorate the accompanying worries. He is an excellent teacher and mentor, which is saying a lot considering the course is online.

There are a lot of choices but MITS is cost-effective and invaluable. It’s worth the investment and you’ll be happy after you are finished. This course will definitely help you accomplish your medical interpreting goals and prepare you for the national medical interpreter exam.”

— Elizabeth Vasquez, Spanish CMI – California, 7/19/16

“Dear David,

I would like to thank you very much for the enormous effort you put into creating such an amazing program. I really appreciate your providing aspiring interpreters, like myself, with the necessary tools and guidance to become health care interpreters.

This course was very interesting and helpful. It added a lot to my existing knowledge and skills. I enjoyed creating my own glossaries and interpreting in many medical scenarios. The crosswords exercises were my favorite; they were really encouraging, challenging and a great way to review.”

— Gihan Abdalla – Texas, 5/30/16

“It’s worth it!

MITS is a great medical interpreter training school. It did not only train me to pass the exam, but also a great tool in actual work. Their materials and resources provided are very practical and useful. The school took me to the path to becoming a medical interpreter and I am grateful for it. Besides, the price is reasonable. I highly recommend this school to those searching for training.”

— Yi Shen, Mandarin CMI – New York, 6/21/16

“My initial concern with taking an online course was the fear of it being too difficult to navigate; however, MITS’s program is extremely user friendly and I did not have any confusion or difficulty from beginning to end. I liked the study material and practices because they were very realistic and encouraged me to challenge and to assess my interpretation skills, in Sight, Consecutive, and Simultaneous modes; it never got boring and the lessons kept me engaged at all times.

I recommend MITS, based on the fact that the program allows interpreters to work at their own pace, it covers very important material and offers very insightful interpretation techniques.

I definitely rate MITS 5/5 because it is a very efficient tool for interpreters. The prices are very reasonable, and the convenience of being able to work online, on your own schedule is priceless. The customer service was outstanding. The gentleman who assisted me was very courteous and helpful throughout the entire process. Thank you!”

— Gildana Lindo, Spanish CHI ™ – California, 4/15/15

“I was a little nervous about taking classes online at MITS because I wasn’t sure about what to expect regarding the format and technology. However, I was very pleased with the organization and structure. I liked the fact that I was able to work at my own pace without being pressured, and that I could review the modules as needed. I also liked very much the materials provided: handouts, vocabulary, exercises, renditions of the dialogues and sight translations. I’d recommend these courses to my colleagues because they can be very useful in order to advance our professional development and earn CE credits at the same time. I really enjoyed the Endo class!”

— Espi Ralston, Spanish CMI, CHI™ – Tennesse, 4/15/15

“My main concern before deciding to take classes with MITS was that, honestly, I did not know what to expect. So decided to pay for one of the sessions and find out for myself—it was all worth it and I loved it; I plan to take additional courses. The page was very easy to navigate, the course was very informative, keeps us up to date with different scenarios, and makes you practice, which at the same time makes you more confident during interpretations. I would definitely recommend MITS classes to my colleagues. I also enjoyed studying at my own pace and on my own time.”

— Ana Maria Ibarra-Lango, Spanish CHI™ – Virginia, 4/6/15

“Thank you very much, MITS, for your assistance during the time I was taking the Psychiatry and Endocrinology course. I really enjoyed participating and I do feel like I am taking away something useful out of them. I am looking forward to taking the rest of the courses in the future.”

— Enrique Varas, Spanish CHI ™ – California, 9/25/15


Hello, David.

I would like to let you know that I have successfully passed the CoreCCHI Examination. I am really grateful to you for the wonderful training course that helped me advance my knowledge and become certified. I really enjoyed it beyond belief and look forward to continuing my education with you some time soon.

Good luck to you and your students!


— Tamara Karapetian, Russian CoreCHI™ – New York, 2/14/15

“Years ago, I took a similar course at an interpreter school and didn’t learn nearly as much as I learned with MITS course. The lessons are structured well which makes it easier to review and study. The instructor has a great demeanor, and explains the lessons very well. The instructions are easy to follow and the lesson plans are structured very well.

I will continue to study and review the courses, and feel confident that I will be able to pass the certification exam. Thank you very much! Please keep up the good work.”

— Ifrain Contreras – California, 9/8/16

“As a busy working mom, the 40-hour training program online is fantastic and convenient! The instructor is great and the classes are challenging. I’m happy that I chose this program after looking and looking for months and couldn’t make up my mind. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to prepare for the certification exam!”

— Regina Mazariegos – Maryland, 5/3/15

“I’d like to share with all my colleagues that I love the classes I’m taking at MITS! They are fun and presented in a very easy to follow format. MITS has also provided me with great customer service and support! I’m very satisfied.”

— Evelyn Blanco, Spanish CMI – Florida 10/12/14

“When I found MITS, I knew I had found exactly what I needed—a course that I could take at my own time and convenience. After signing up I had a lot of questions that were promptly answered by David; he was always very kind and supportive. Before starting with the course, I had no idea much great material was in it. I enjoyed it very much and was eager to learn more and more every time I moved on.

I’m an older lady who loves learning and enriching my languages and culture. I found that this 40-hour course has greatly helped me improve many aspects of my interpreting skills and cultural competency in such little time. The exercises were exciting and challenging, and, at the same time, the instructions were very clear and easy to follow. I have no doubt that I invested my time and money in something that has helped me gain more knowledge and confidence. This is a remarkable course, don’t miss it!”

— Jessie Beshel – Florida, 12/29/15

“I’m taking the 40-hour training program in Spanish and so far I’ve been enjoying it very much! I get excited every time I start a new class. I recommend this course to any interpreter who is serious about getting prepared for the certification exam or working in the field. I found the content to be challenging and nicely organized.”

— Ricardo Salvatierra – Oklahoma, 12/30/15

“I highly recommend David as an instructor! I had the fortune to listen to one of his lectures as a guest instructor in a medical interpreting class. On that occasion, he lectured about interpreting in end of life situations. He only teaches medical interpreting and he is a true master; he has so many “flight hours” in the trenches. He really knows the field and you would greatly benefit from his expertise.”

— Anabella Tidona, Spanish FCCI, CMI, CHI™ – California, 11/11/15

“I truly think that the classes I took (Oncology and SPRIE) were very well organized and excellent!”

— Marta Moyano – California, 9/8/14

“MITS has been a fantastic way for me to complete my continuing education requirements at my own pace without having to pay a ton of money or take time off work! I enjoyed being challenged by the specificity of the Nephrology course in particular. I highly recommend MITS to anyone interested in boosting their knowledge, skills, and abilities as an interpreter.”

— Drew Martin, Spanish CHI™ – Pennsylvania, 8/27/14

“Money well spent! I’ve learned a lot without traveling or scheduling. After working long shifts at the hospital, all I want is to be home and have time for myself. Having these great classes available to me whenever I want is just amazing!”

— Nancy Mejia, RN, BSN – California, 8/27/14

“I found the course to be enjoyable and educational. Continuing education is an important aspect of our profession and the courses offered are very relevant to providing excellent care to our community’s patients. I will definitely recommend MITS to my colleagues.”

— Lawrence Ruiz, Spanish CMI – Texas 8/25/14

“I found the convenience and the ability to study at my own pace to be very helpful. I certainly enjoyed the practices in all three modes of interpretation. I found myself wanting to sit and review certain parts over and over again!

On one occasion while taking my class I had a question and on another occasion I had a problem; each time I simply emailed and the very next day the question was answered and the problem was resolved. Excellent customer service!

I highly recommend the Psychiatry class. Now I’m looking forward to the Oncology and Nephrology classes!”

— Maria D., Spanish CMI – Wisconsin, 7/17/14

“I love these courses! They are so complete and convenient for me that I work full time. I am looking forward to new topics to be offered. Excellent job! Thank you.”

— Liliana Halperin, Spanish CMI – California 7/24/14

“I’m very satisfied and happy with the classes I’ve taken at MITS. They are strictly medical related and cover a lot of important subjects.

Best way to fulfill my re-certification requirements—bar none!”

— Oriana Granja, Spanish CHI™ – Kentucky, 6/6/14

“I’m completing my CEUs to renew my certification by the National Board at MITS because I found their method to be extremely convenient and user-friendly. I’m an interpreter with over 20 years of experience in the field and yet I found myself learning and reinforcing many interesting subjects. I’ve taken classes everywhere and in every way, but by far this is the best system for me. I love it!”

— Gladys Gomez, California State Certified, Spanish CMI – California, 5/15/14

“After learning about the new CCHI guidelines for the renewal of my credentials, I was a little apprehensive about covering all aspects of these new criteria. I was so happy to find out that MITS classes perfectly match these new requirements! I got to practice the three interpreting modes and simultaneously apply the other parts of the criteria that covers the non-performance base training such as Medical Terminology, Idiomatic Expression, The Standards of Practice and the Code of Ethics among others.

I highly recommend these classes to other CCHI interpreters who don’t quite understand the new guidelines or don’t want to deal with the headache of trying to keep track of which classes would be accepted or not. MITS is uncomplicated, easy to understand and it covers all the subjects required by CCHI. You can’t go wrong with it!”

— Patricia Chavez, Spanish CHI™ – California 5/14/14

“I was looking for training courses to fulfill the CE requirements for my upcoming CCHI certification renewal. As a busy mom of three, and a freelance interpreter, it’s extremely difficult for me to attend any onsite training courses.  I was so thrilled to find out about the Medical Interpreting Training School. It offers online classes that I can study at my convenience and at my own pace. I’ve taken two classes already, “Interpreting in Psychiatry”, and “Interpreting for Nephrology”, both for non-Spanish interpreters. The classes are well structured, informative, and the interface is very user-friendly. The classes offer practices in all three modes of interpretation. I was impressed by the amount of learning material offered. By the end of the classes, I learned many new medical terms, practiced consecutive, sight and simultaneous interpretation at least  2 times, which helped me become more confident interpreting in these two fields of study. I am about to take the third course from MITS. I strongly recommend these courses, because the learning is convenient, fun, and engaging.”

— Carissa Duan, Mandarin CHI™ – California, 4/20/14

“I’ve been interpreting for many years and decided to get my medical certification soon. I was looking for a convenient way to practice and brush up on my medical terms before the exam. An interpreter friend of mine sent me the link to MITS, and  I decided to take one class. What a great surprise! I didn’t expect to learn so much and put to practice every interpreting mode in such an effective way.  I’m taking the Nephrology class now and I’m feeling much more confident to take both the written and oral exam.  This is a great way to study!”

— Rebecca Gonzalez – Alabama 4/11/14

“I found this program very helpful and insightful. It helped me self-assess my weaker skills and focus on them. I would recommend this classes to those eager to learn and improve their interpreting skills in an effective way.”

— Alexandra Goldburt, Spanish and Russian CA State Certified – California, 4/4/14