Advanced Oral Practice for Federal Court

In this course, we’ll provide you with carefully crafted training materials to help you refine your interpreting skills. At the same time, you will be given insightful advice from an accomplished interpreter to improve your techniques. This is a non-instructor led course that you can take at your own speed and convenience. 

These original exercises contain many legal terms, court jargon, idioms, and slang that will expand your vocabulary in English and Spanish. You will have the opportunity to improve your listening, short-term memory, and note-taking skills by practicing with multiple challenging segments. Listen to full model renditions for each exercise to adequately assess your performances and identify your strengths and weaknesses. We will cover the following sections:

  • Sight Translation – English into Spanish
  • Sight Translation – Spanish into English
  • Simultaneous Opening Statement
  • Consecutive witness examination
  • Q & A expert witness testimony
  • Final quiz to get a certificate 

* The California Judicial Council encourages interpreters to complete this five-hour course within two weeks. However, you will have access for three months to practice as many times as you want. A one-time free of charge extension is available for interpreters preparing for the Federal Exam.

Single Course

Get only course B
$ 100 3-month access
  • Take only this course
  • Five-hour credit of non-instructor led

Two-course Bundle

Get course A & B
$ 180 3-month access per course
  • Get course A and B
  • 10-hour credit of non-instructor led
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