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MITS helped me increase my medical knowledge not only in terms of interpretation but also general knowledge about medical conditions.
Ana Gabriela Romero
I loved completing my needed 40-hour program to take the national exam through MITS. I was able to complete this while also being a full time college student, and working part time. I was able to work on it whenever I had time, and it was very organized and well put together. I learned a lot, but this course helped me a lot to develop the interpreting skills I needed. Not only did this improve my bilingual abilities, but it really did focus on interpreting skills and things I will need to be proficient in for the exam.
Liam Baird
I've learned so much from this course. I was working as a medical assistant and even though I was not certified, the providers always asked me to interpreter for them. I wasn't too comfortable doing that, but now MITS has given me the tools to feel confident and I can always go back and look at my notes and hear my audio to practice for the test. Also having a review included is an A+. I was hesitating but every penny was worth it.
Maria Class
What I loved about the course: Flexible learning: The course was self-paced, which meant I could learn on my own time. This was a huge perk for someone with a busy schedule.
Clear explanations: The instructor did a fantastic job of breaking down complex topics into easy-to-understand modules. Even with no prior experience, I felt like I was following along. Engaging content: The course included videos, quizzes, and hands-on projects. This variety kept me engaged and motivated throughout the course. Overall, I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn , regardless of their experience level.
Kinana Allen
It was a great experience working in this school. I feel like it helped me have a better understanding of what it is to be a medical interpreter.
David Alejandro Rodriguez
Never having had formal schooling for interpreting, learning "on the job" and my own love for learning, MITS has solidified the foundation of one more interpreter, me! It is an excellent, well-organized course.
Maria Isabel Ochoa
My experience with MITS was wonderful and was an eye-opening experience. I came across MITS when I was a volunteer Spanish medical interpreter at a free clinic. In my time at the free clinic, I expressed interest in pursuing this as a full-time job and they directed me to MITS. With MITS, I was able to learn more about the ins and outs of what it means to be an interpreter, how important this position is, and the impacts it can have on a greater community. MITS has fully prepared me for what I may encounter in the real world. I am very excited to become a Certified Medical Interpreter thanks to MITS!
Samantha Nava
This course has helped open my eyes to what is included in medical interpreting. I'm not just translating words, I'm helping to convey the possibility of a healthier life.
Dylan Dance
My experience with MITS was phenomenal. The course content was extensive and provided the information I needed. I am excited to become professionally certified. Thank you, MITS!
Allen Hussein
MITS is very informative and is a highly efficient way of learning. I would recommend this course to anyone looking at becoming an interpreter.
Jose L. Castillo Jr.
A great program that helped prepare me for a career in the world of medical interpretation. Would definitely recommend to any that are interested in this path.
Johanna Baquero
It was a fruitful experience, I learnt a lot about medical interpreting and feel ready to continue working as a medical interpreter
Ana Mar Leon
MITS is challenging but provides easy-to-understand steps and terminology to help your confidence as you become a certified interpreter.
Marcela Salazar
Good value for the money! I would definitely recommend this course with all my heart. David is precise, concise and always to the point. I learned a lot in a very short time period. Good job!
Sandra Kostadinov
Even though I have been interpreting for over a decade now, there is always something new to learn. This program is well-organized, it contains great material in video, audio, and written form. The exercises helped me improve my sight, simultaneous and consecutive interpreting skills, while the glossaries and quizzes helped me acquire new terms in English and Spanish. This 40-hour Medical Interpreting course program positively contributed to the expansion of my skills and knowledge.
Maria Luz Garcia
It's a very informative course and get lots of practice to guarantee to succeed in the career. Thank you.
Shayapa Jainim
The Instructor takes his time to explained with examples.
Ilce Angulo
MITS is challenging but provides easy to understand steps and terminology to help your confidence as you become a certified interpreter.
Marcela Salazar Duque
MITS courses are organized by topic, the vocabulary, the structure: practicing sight translations, simultaneous, and consecutive interpreting really challenged me to become a better interpreter. I am able to notice my improvement at work, and although some of the exercises were extremely hard, I am glad they are not easy, that would be a disservice to the interpreting craft. Thank you for your designing MITS, I feel so proud to have taken your courses. MITS is an excellent interpreting school. I've learned so much, I've been able to see improvement and feel more confident as a Medical Interpreter. One might think it might be easy or maybe not as good if it's all online but that is certainly not the case. There's a lot of information, exercises, and practice. I would definitely recommend it!
Celia Montes
A challlenging course even for seasoned interpreters. Worth it!
Ludwig A Koloffon Lopez
Although I speak Spanish well, the MITS program has helped me use the correct terms.
Melissa Ramo
Thank you for a great course!
Julia Cook
I recently completed a 40-hour medical course offered by MITS, and I highly recommend it. The course content was so well-organized and engaging that the time flew by. The instructors were fantastic – they had a wealth of knowledge and experience that they shared in a clear and concise way. They also did a great job of making the material relevant to real-world scenarios, which I found incredibly helpful. This course was a fantastic investment, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to expand their knowledge in the interpreting area.
Zohreh Kirk
This was an excellent course! I recommend taking it; it was a great learning experience and something that will always stay with me and no one can ever take from me.
Juliet Gonzalez
MITS was a great learning experience for me. The course not only gave me the tools to use in interpretation, but many practice examples to be able to apply my knowledge and challenge me!
Selena Quintana
This was an excellent course! I recommend taking it; it was a great learning experience and something that will always stay with me and no one can ever take from me.
Juliet Gonzalez
MITS is an excellent interpreting school. I've learned so much, I've been able to see improvement and feel more confident as a Medical Interpreter. One might think it might be easy or maybe not as good if it's all online but that is definitely not the case. There's alot of information, exercises, and practice. I would definitely recommend!
Celia Montes
This program really has helped me improve as an interpreter. I got to brush up on a lot of the basics, learn new terms and techniques I was unfamiliar with and really get a wider scope of the field I work in.
Jose Alberto Herrera Vazquez
I am very greatful for the opportunity presented to me with this course. I am amazed with the prompt response to questions and issues that I had. This kind of support is priceless!
Murillo Almeida
I am glad that I chose MITS because I did learn a lot. MITS has excellent interpretation techniques in vocabulary, and slang words from different cultures and countries. I definitely recommend anyone to improve their medical interpretation skills.
Jenny Beaver
MITS has been such a wonderful tool to help me grow in my confidence as an interpreter in the medical field. I have learned so much about the differences between an adhoc interpreter and a professional one. I can't wait to use it.
Amanda Perkins
This course is perfect for those trying to get into the interpreting field. It is engaging and helps to improve major skills.
Brisa Garcia Linares
Good experience. Thank you.
Jennifer Zihua Jiang
This course was a refresher in medical terminology and was excellent in beginning translation as an artform and craftsmanship.
Chelsea Boykov
I, Niaz Muhammad, am honored to share my heartfelt testimonial about my experience with MITS. As a passionate individual with a strong desire to become a professional interpreter, my time at MITS webpage has been nothing short of transformative. From the moment I enrolled in their interpreting course, I was immediately impressed by the professionalism and expertise of the instructor(s). Their deep knowledge and dedication created a supportive and nurturing learning environment for me. The curriculum at MITS was thoughtfully designed, covering every aspect of interpreting with a focus on developing both linguistic and cultural competencies. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge, practical exercises, and real-world simulations, I gained invaluable skills that have prepared me for the challenges and nuances of the interpreting profession. Furthermore, the resources and knowledge provided by MITS have proven to be invaluable. The MITS's connections to the interpreting industry have opened doors to numerous opportunities, allowing me to gain practical experience and expand my professional network. I am profoundly grateful to MITS for the life-changing experience they provided. Their commitment to excellence, dedication to student success, and genuine passion for promoting the interpreting profession have empowered me to pursue my dreams with unwavering determination. I wholeheartedly recommend MITS to anyone seeking a comprehensive and enriching interpreting education. They have not only equipped me with the tools needed for success but also instilled in me a deep appreciation for the art and responsibility of interpretation. I am truly honored to have been a part of the MITS community, and I am excited to see the impact their future graduates will make in the world of interpreting. Sincerely, Niaz Muhammad
Niaz Muhammad
I am very happy that I got this training, it helped me improve my skills in Spanish and English.
Beatriz Alvarez
MITS not just helped me understand how to become a well-rounded interpreter but also helped me be able to help others.
Carla Gutierrez
I will always be thankful to MITS for providing me with the opportunity to become a medical interpreter, as a mom of three who needed to go back into the work force after being a stay at home mom for several years, I was scared about not being able to find a new career path that would be compatible with motherhood, but after finding out about medical interpreting, I realized that not only is possible for me to go back to work and be a full time mom, but also to be working in an area that I have always been passionate about (medicine and helping others) while using my language skills. I am excited to face the future and this wouldn't have been possible without MITS.
Maricruz Diamond
Intensive program, well organized, and excellent teachers. Would do it again in a heartbeat.
Sergio Acevedo Cortes
It was a great experience for me. It didn't challenge me since I am a pharmacist by profession, familiar with medical terms but I did learn a lot of interpreting techniques that will help me down the road. My goal is to get my CCHI certificate and become a certified interpreter since I accomplished the main part of the CCHI exam which is completion of a 40-hour medical interpreting course.
Mohammad Haroon Amarkhali
It was very complete I learned so much more than just interpreting. It had so much more information about the medical field that I would've thought, and the guide is always so encouraging, whenever I was feeling like I couldn't do it or I wasn't good at it, his voice memos gave me strength and made me want to keep going.
Daniela Yapur
It was an amazing experience, it provided me with so many more tools to improve my performance in my line of work.
Ernesto Barron Mendoza
The course is very advanced and precise in terms of the teachings. They are so well and precisely researched for an Interpreter. Indeed, it is for the Medical Interpreter to be well acquainted with the right knowledge. I enjoyed every aspect of the course.
Ilegne Oshefwa Monsengo
Yes ! I strongly recommend MITS for any multilingual person that would like to get formally certified for medical interpreting. It has helped me tremendously to learn about the different specialties and medical jargon as well as learn how to interpret in multiple ways !
Ariana Rojas
Myself along with my wife have enjoyed the integrated course provided. we've work as interpreters for over 10 years, and enjoyed the practicality as well as the challenge presented with this course. thank you for the diligence in preparing such a refined curriculum.
George Wright
The best online interpreter certification course available. I tried 2 others prior and none gets closer to MITS. It is very comprehensive, competitive, and easy to follow through. Full of resources, definitely making this the best overall the rest. Been in the professional medical field for over 13 years to this date, and feel extremely confident now that will provide the best care with my newly acquired knowledge and skills. Keep the same pace, professionalism, and EXCELLENT customer service. Thank you very much!!
Luis Rodriguez
I really enjoyed the format, organization, and flexibility this course offered. I feel like I was appropriately challenged and was able to pinpoint my interpreting strengths and weaknesses clearly, which has helped me better prepare for my certification exams. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to truly learn to be a good Spanish medical interpreter!
Anita Sayar
MITS provided me with quality health care interpreting training at a reasonable price that worked with my schedule.
Steven Brown
MITS was a phenomenal online course and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get started on being a CMI. Don't be afraid to take the first step like I did, after taking the course, I felt even better about this new career path. Thank you MITS!
Miranda A. Flores
I appreciate the clear interpretation of the topics. The instructor was very knowledgeable and his clear voice was a plus. Thank you, I will highly recommend this school and its program to some colleagues who have been asking about the program. The instructor is very good and gives a lot of confidence in his dissection of each topic. I am confident that this school has set a solid foundation for their learning path and that they have developed great interpreters. Thank you.
Luis Monterroso
I enjoyed this training program very much. It gave me the flexibility to learn at my own pace, at first I was very nervous to enroll due to not being the best with online learning, but this program made things super easy and I was able to fully complete the course.
Beatriz Bustillo
This course has been awesome at reinforcing not only the technical aspects of being an interpreter but many of the emotional and psychological aspects that come with it. Being an effective interpreter means a lot more than just conveying the message, we are talking to real people with real language needs and everyone deserves to be heard.
Josue David Garcia Rendon
I thought that medical interpreters just translated the words between doctors and patients. However, at the end of this course I can tell there is so much more to this profession. The experience with MITS was a well rounded one. They covered the fundamentals, ethics, clinical scenarios, exercises, etc. I’m satisfied with all I’ve learned and I look forward to applying all this new knowledge.
Maria Cristina Arias Cortez
I am super happy that you guys are not limited by borders. Anyone interested in this path of interpreting can start learning from anywhere around the globe.
Arlen Maria Alvarado Arias
Excellent content that builds your knowledge and exceeds your expectations.
Elia Trujillo Guvlekjian
This course was amazing. Easy to follow for such an amount of information.
Maria Sanchez
All the contents and steps of this course contributed to my learning. Great experience, thank you.
Marianna Guvlekjian
MITS is a great medical interpreting training program! I absolutely enjoyed every module and lesson. Also, the quizzes are challenging enough to really pay close attention to the details. This is great preparation for the national certification.
Alejandra Arroyo Saavedra
I recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their skills for interpreting in their field, as well as being able to completed the course while still working a full-time job.
Brenda Acosta
All contents and steps of this course contributed to my learning. Great experience, thank you
Maria Cristina Cruz Wiley
My experience in this course was very positive. I was able to learn at my own pace. Also I was able to listen to videos more than one time. My vocabulary in the English language as well and in the Spanish language increased. The variety of medical subjects were very interesting and improved my knowledge in several concepts of the medical field. It helped with my speed and clarity when speaking my native language. Overall it was enjoyable and it gave me a sense of accomplishment.
Evelyn Cabrera
Thank you MITS for all the valuable information I was able to learn.
Dulce Monter Morales
This is a great course, it helped me with my memory capability and since it has so many words, I got the chance to learn different vocabularies.
Yoskan Mesfin
Best interpreter class online anyone can attend and gain a high level of contents flexibly.
Alex Zirimwabagabo
I have been interpreting for 10 years and I was still able to come out a better interpreter.
Issis A. Garcia
Thank you MITS for all the valuable information I was able to learn.
Dulce Monter Morales
My experience with MITS was refreshing and expansive. Through all the practice exercises, I was made aware of all the areas in my vocabulary needing extra work and the course challenged me out of my comfort zone which brought on growth and confidence. I also enjoyed all the ways the course was entertaining and not just information overload. Thank you MITS!
Martha Alicia Nunez
Taking this course helped me tremendously to increase my medical terminology and most importantly to interpret correctly.
Claudia V. Zelidon
It's a great course to start in medical interpretation or to improve your skills and prepare for the national exam.
Javier Aron Mattan
I liked the videos included, the ability to replay some of the information used, and found the self-paced and online availability easy to fit into my schedule.
Gloria Medellin Sturm
I really enjoyed this course. It was very easy to follow, it has the right amount of topics per unit that help us learn without being overwhelming. Its goals are clear and its structure is helpful when planning the time we will dedicate to it. I enjoyed being able to constantly practice the different ways of interpreting and new vocabulary words. I liked that the teacher would focus on "do´s" and "don´ts" while interpreting , review one or two at a time, and also listening to anecdotes that could help us in our jobs. The website is very user friendly and the course combines different resources to help us learn better. I am very satisfied with the course and would totally recommend it.
Sharon Carolina Hon
"My Spanish vocabulary has improved greatly. I work in ophthalmology and was able to help patients with the skills I've learned."
Crystal Felix
"My experience with MITS has been great, the contents of the course are excellent and the instructors are top-tier level."
Eduardo Sanchez
"MITS material is SO GOOD I almost felt like a doctor already. I love having general knowledge on such important topics as medical specialties."
Mary Hester
"My experience with MITS was amazing. The lessons are very clear from beginning to end. All the materials are great and very helpful. The videos are fantastic and clear. The instructor is very clear in every lesson. I am so happy I chose MITS."
Andrea Mignini
"I am grateful for this course, the instructors and the actors in the videos did an excellent job explaining different instances of Interpreting, translation and real life scenarios."
Johan Alexander Fullard
"Taking this course helped me tremendously to increase my medical terminology and most importantly to interpret correctly."
Claudia V Zelidon
"Very good learning experience. The practice exercises were great!"
Guillermo Leos
"I truly loved using MITS! I feel perfectly capable now of taking my certification exams and can't wait to start interpreting in the field!"
Michelle Bass
"I loved learning with MITS. The lessons were engaging and challenging and a good mix of science and linguistics."
Anne Raelf
"It's a very great and educational program and easy. I would recommend it to anyone looking to be in this field."
Mary Beltran
"This course was put together to challenge the fluent Spanish speaker and force them to thinking in a different way than an everyday conversation would have. It is built for someone who is fluent but needs practice and a place to help learn and reference medical terms one wouldn't use in an everyday conversation. I fully recommend this course."
Gilberto Marquez III
"This is my first time doing online course and a learn so many things. Good experience and looking forward to take the CCHI exam."
Yasmein Alazawi
"This course is accessible, well documented, and a highly practical tool for on-the-go learning as a medical interpreter."
Carolina J Carreno Tineo
"MITS is a guiding and no pressure program that boosts your interpreting skills and confidence!"
Ireh Lee
"It was good. It teaches you what you need to know for the interpreting exams and the core of the skill. I highly recommend you take the courses to get the certificate and to improve your interpreting skills."
Jazmine Sauceda Hernandez
"I am so happy to have had found this program because I thought I new how to interpret medical situations before, but as soon as I started this course I realized that I did not know anything and it has been challenging. Now I will say that I know medical interpreting."
German Lorenza Pereo
"Thank you so much for all of your help and resources! I feel more prepared to take the certification exam because I took this course."
Allison Henry
"Absolutely! It's been very helpful to have some general understanding of this type of profession and of course very educational."
Paula Marie Thompson
"I was very pleased with the consistent quality material provided throughout this course. The interactive structure made the course interesting and educational. Interpreters who follow this course step by step, not only have the opportunity to become good interpreters but to become excellent interpreters as well!"
Garrison Jensen
"Working with MITS course has been very pleasant to me. I could advance on the course according to my own time, go back to redo a chapter if needed. Explanations very clear. Overview of the most common scenarios and medical terminology."
Walter del Aguila Pinedo
"Yes! I took this course because it has been my goal for the past 10 or 12 years to become a medical interpreter. I have been in the place of the people that have to wait and sit. We had to wait for somebody to come and interpret for us. It is frustrating not to be able to communicate because of language barriers and on top of that have a medical issue. It makes it even worse. I feel like I have a mission to be a voice for people and help bring them peace of mind interpreting for them."
Anna Cabrera
"I am beyond thrilled to share my experience with MITS and it's transformative 40-hour Medical Interpreting Training course. The extensive curriculum covered essential topics such as medical terminology in English and Mandarin, ethical guidelines for medical interpreters, and a deep dive into the US healthcare system. The knowledge and skills I acquired from MITS are invaluable and have empowered me to excel in my role as a medical interpreter. I couldn't recommend this course more highly to anyone looking to pursue a career in medical interpreting."
Evelyn Shue
"Great program and well thought out. Easy to follow for those looking to grow their skills in the interpreting world. Also a great choice for those who are experienced and want to sharpen their skills. I also enjoyed that I could take the program at my pace."
Austin Rodriguez
"This is the best and most complete course, easy to learn and apply in you personal life also."
Hector Molina
"Enjoyed using this program. Allowed me to expand my knowledge on medical terminology in a professional manner."
Blanca Esthela Medellin
"All the modules in this course were very useful in enriching my vocabulary and information in the medical field. I really enjoyed studying this course. I like how it is well organized in delivering the information."
Iman Elessawy
"Instructor’s gentle voice motivated me a lot. I will miss it. One whole year-access is very attractive, compared to other schools."
Yuko Sano
"MITS has totally changed my life with the amount of information I have learned! I know this is just the beginning of my interpreting career! And I thank MITS for that!"
Carol Diaz
"The 40-hour MITS course, not only gave me the tools I needed to interpret, it also helped me improve my overall Spanish proficiency along the way."
Justin Huber
"From the start of my journey with MITS, I had just begun working a new bilingual dual role job where I had to interpret from time to time but mainly speak in Spanish with my clients as most of them don’t speak English. While being bilingual has been a part of my life since I was young it was a little intimidating as I hadn’t interpreted or translated since undergrad ‘22. So I took on the course not only for resume-building purposes but to help expand my usage of the language and the need for professional techniques of language exchange. At the end of it, I can say I have mastered the fundamentals taught in the course and been able to effectively incorporate them in every day of my professional life and even in aspects of my personal life."
J'nquil Brown
"I absolutely loved the incorporation of different common phrases from different countries, and the "slang" from different origins."
Brisa A Barajas-Gomez
"I have been a registered nurse for 30 years. Talking to the Spanish population has always been a hit or miss. With this class I now have the confidence to communicate with patients professionally and accurately - it's a great feeling!"
Margie Colwell
"I enjoyed how there are different options on how to learn the material with both video and audio. It gave me options on how to take in the subject matter."
Arianne Ferrer
"I had an excellent experience during the course, good material and videos to learn medicine. This is the first time I study online, thanks to MITS is a good option to learn by distance without limitation in a very professional way. MITS encouraged me to improve more in languages, linguistic, medicine, pathologies and be aware of the human body. David is the best instructor, amazing human of inspiration, he made me laugh a lot in the giggle moments. Thank you for all your advices and help me to do not give up."
Maria Graciela Molina Cabeza
"My experience with MITS was great! I loved the format of it, how everything was set up and the flexibility of it especially with having kids."
Erika Paredes Alvarez
"I'm not that good with words (letters lol), but it was just great!."
René Alejandro Barragán
"The 40-hour training set is unique in that its' content is smartly structured and well-explained. It suits anyone who is inspired to reach a new level at his or her own pace."
Binwu Li
"It was overall a great experience. At first I wished that there was an actual "correct sample answer" in my target language Mandarin for some of the exercises (although I know this isn't realistic since it'll require a lot more work, but one can dream!). However as I grew more familiar with the glossary, the more comfortable interpreting in this field became for me. It was a great experience and now I am more knowledgeable than before!"
Peijing Cong
"This program was all-around excellent. This course has effectively taught me medical terminology in Spanish, The actual interpreting exercises were very challenging and forced me to improve my skills. Also, I will forever value my vocabulary sheets because they are such wonderful resource. I feel that the most important aspect was the repetition of the exercises. I got to make mistakes, correct my interpretation, then see how much I had improved during the second rendition. If you are a healthcare worker and due to circumstances you must interpret on the job, do not hesitate to take this course!"
Cherilyn Danner
"This was a fabulous course! I enjoyed the format and the fact that it was specifically designed for the Spanish language. I also enjoyed the videos and giggles along the way. I highly recommend it. In fact, I already recommended it to two family members that also work in healthcare."
Isabel Szurley
"I’m confident and ready now to start working as an interpreter. Been able to download and print all the terms, abbreviations, glossary and symbols was the best ever. I already have a to go folder lol to take with me on the days I’m going to interpret."
Muzette Diaz
"I appreciated all the vocabulary, i love to learn new words and new ways to communicate in different cultures. This course was very helpful to me.""
Luisa F.Cubillos
"I don't have much to say but I can say that I appreciate the clarification and definitions of certain terms. It helped me know how to interpret things better when caught off guard."
Brianna Azucena Castillo
"I appreciate the accommodation of being able to complete the course at my own pace."
Judith Emily Mendoza
"It's a great course for anyone interested in learning the backbone of what constructs a medical interpretation field."
Mohammed Shooip Faqueertz Adeh
"I was having health issues and realized I needed to do something to not only better my life but to also be able to open a pathway for me to focus on my health. Finding this program not only gave me so much hope, it has given me the tools to improve my Spanish but also open doors to a new career."
Kimberly Sanchez
"This Course is the best I have taken ever. Very clear and amazing learning material. I would recommend to my friends."
Venera Romaova
"If you think this will be a walk in the park; think again. This course will humble you. It is difficult for a reason. This is nothing like the interpreting you do on the fly for your friends and family."
Jorge Fernandez Jr.
"The videos with the explanations and the model renditions were very helpful in my interpretation skills."
Herlinda Cardenas
"As an international student, health sciences and biology pre-medical major, working in a Health Care Center, the Medical Interpreting Course with MITS was an enlightening experience, which provided me with a handful of resources, knowledge, practical exercises, and medical encounter examples between a patient, and a provider, in addition to the Medical Interpreter, and the importance of our role when providing an accurate rendition, and aiding in the communication process during an appointment. Also, it provided me with a further understanding of the different words, popular expressions, and vocabulary used in Spanish, even when it is my first language, beyond their direct translation, and interpretation within the Medical Terminology, in my English. I am anything but grateful for MITS School, and its wonderful program, as well as for the motivation, and support demonstrated throughout the program."
Lisette Carolina Partipilo C.
"I will immigrate to the States soon with my family. MITS brings me job opportunities and excellent basic medical knowledge."
An-Hein Doan
"I am glad I completed the course it was quite helpful and quite rewarding."
Dulce Maribel Garcia T.
"The experience at MITS was great, I would highly recommend it to others!"
Leonardo Torres
"It was a roller coaster of emotions for me. I started out very confident then got humbled quickly, but pushed through it and came out certified. To say that I and my family are proud of myself is an understatement. This course has helped me realize that if I truly put in the effort I will get the reward. I got this!…"
Cindi Paola atalan
"I am a bilingual nurse. This program opened my eyes to all of the things I have been doing wrong all of these years. I would recommend MITS to anybody wanting to learn the proper way to interpret."
Robert Ortiz, RN
"MITS is a very well organized medical course that allows me access at my own pace. It is a well-developed program which includes various medical terminologies. This program helps to improve the efficiency of achieving my goal which is to become an excellent interprete"
Christine Lan Cheng
"The experience at MITS was great, I would highly recommend it to others!"
Robert Ortiz, RN
"Overall an excellent program. It includes necessary information, but doesn't overwhelm the student."
Kalkidan Kejene Abebe
"Basically, this course improved my interpreting skills in general especially the consecutive exercises. My experience with MITS was amazing."
Vivianne Habr
"I found in MITS a great tool to reinforce my English medical vocabulary. It helped me to acknowledge that I actually had many opportunity areas to work on regarding my medical communication skills. The program has all the basics you need to learn not only to interpret, but how to correctly practice in an ethical way. Before I took this course, I didn't think of the vast world of medical interpreting, and I discovered that all these years I was actually an ad-hoc interpreter. The course is very well designed and instructions are very clear and taught with a lot of patience. Medical information is accurate and entertaining to read and watch. Congratulations to the developers!"
Francisco Gamino
"I have lived in Wisconsin, United States since 2017, since I met my husband online and we got married. I work as the Hispanic Ministry Coordinator for the Diocese of Superior. I have been learning my English little by little and on the way. My job is part-time and it has given me the opportunity to face complicated situations such as the fact of needing to develop skills that I did not have, such as interpreting Communications/meetings between the Hispanic and American communities, but this course has helped me a lot. The only thing I could say I'm sorry for is that I didn't sign up sooner. I am going to take the courses that are giving us extra and repeat the ones I have already taken, because I feel that I can do it better with more practice and I am really encouraged and excited in this wonderful learning process. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity to take this course and I hope we can keep in touch. An excellent course. Thank you."
Ana Cristina Marquez Galvez
"Excellent course, great didactic material, easy to understand and assimilation , and you can do it within your available time. I really recommend it."
Luisiana Bakota
"MITS was so easy to navigate and has definitely helped me improve my language efficiency skills. I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in interpreting!"
Jayleen Vazquez
"Earning a certificate at MITS gives me the opportunity of having a flexible job that accommodates to my university schedule."
Sabrina Sanchez Carruy0
"MITS was a great experience from the very beginning. I can certainly say I've learned a lot from this 40-hour course. I'd definitely recommend it to anybody seeking to become a medical interpreter or just looking to gain some knowledge."
Efrain Moreno
"Medical terms! Lot of medical vocabulary that I did not know! Also the online dictionay Linguee and word reference was such a help in my learning! Flash cards for my vocabulary took my more time than expected but worth it! Having the oportunity to go back to review the lessons was also a great help. Very well explained with extensive medical information. I enjoyed this course very much!"
Maria Elvira Velarde
"MITS was a great experience from the very beginning. I can certainly say I've learned a lot from this 40-hour course. I'd definitely recommend it to anybody seeking to become a medical interpreter or just looking to gain some knowledge."
Efrain Moreno
"Medical terms! Lot of medical vocabulary that I did not know! Also the online dictionay Linguee and word reference was such a help in my learning! Flash cards for my vocabulary took my more time than expected but worth it! Having the oportunity to go back to review the lessons was also a great help. Very well explained with extensive medical information. I enjoyed this course very much!."
Maria Elvira Velarde
"Very informative, professional skill training experience for healthcare interpreters."
Tina Stuetzle
"I have learned a lot from your course and very happy about the result. Thank you very much!"
Yingchun Wn
"1. It’s easy to reach your representative by phone 2. Courses are very organized."
Irene Beaman
"MITS was very engaging and easy to follow. Customer service always helped me with any questions/concerns that I had. The learning material was very helpful."
Jatyri Perez Garcia
"I am so glad I decided to take MITS to further my knowledge in the medical interpreting field. The content is rich and, at the same time, very well distributed through the lessons with fun videos that make learning a fun activity. I highly recommend it."
Candice Kirk
"It has helped me grow a lot, I have learned a lot of medical terms that I didn’t know before, it has helped me do a better job when interpreting for my doctors and patients where I work. "
Jessica Arguelles
"Taking the Medical Interpreting Training has been one of my best decisions. Initially, I was very concerned and doubtful about it, because I was changing from a teaching career to a completely new one. Now that I have reached the goal and finished the course, I can say I am on the right path. Thank you very much to David, and to the MITS team. You all are really the best!"
Luz Elena Vallejo Ramirez
"I've been interpreting for over 13 years. It was a gift I began to develop that I had no idea I could do. As a daughter of a Spanish speaking mother in the U.S I saw the struggles she had with communication. Being able to help someone understand a language opposite to theirs brings, so much joy to my heart. Now I will have the opportunity to expand my knowledge and gift to a different environment. Although challenging at times I am excited to embark on a new journey. MITS has provided me with sufficient understanding to begin this journey."
Joseline Vega
"I was challenged by the MITS course. It is a great tool for interpreters who would like to be certified and/or have more knowledge."
Monica Santillan Galva
"Concise but essential course material made me feel more secure about interpreting in different specialty units.
Carolina Zeballos
"I was challenged by the MITS course. I would recommend to all of those out there looking to be a professional interpreter, this will change your professional life 100%!!!"
Sebastian Arancibia
"This course si amazing; it challenges you and keeps you engaged. I learned a lot and that's why I highly recommend it." .
Diana Marlene Reyes
"This is a very good and useful program to learn how to be a professional interpreter. I definitely recommend this."
Muzhda Waseeq Sharifi
"I really enjoyed this program. It is challenging, interesting, engaging, and very useful for my interpretation and translation career. Thank you for providing such an amazing service!"
Gabriela McKay
"A wonderful online course that allowed me to study on my time and complete something I thought I could never do."
Jahaziel Macias
"I greatly appreciated having taken the medical interpreting course offered through MITS. The much appreciated knowledge I have acquired is extremely valued."
Veronica Martinez
"It is a great program I have learned too much medical information from it. I thought I have become half a doctor, after i finished the course."
Zaal Odeh Ali Ahout
"This is the first time that I have taken a course of this nature. The wealth of knowledge that David and MITS share is invaluable. I'm not going to lie, the courses are hard, AND they make you feel as though you are learning something worthwhile. As a student, I truly feel that I have been trained in an excellent way. David really paid attention to different styles of learning and I appreciated the videos, the audio lessons, and the written approaches. Such a wonderful course overall!"
Talia Mole
"I had an overall great experience with MITS. I feel that I have learned a lot about what it means to be a good interpret and what skills are important. I have learned a lot more medical terminology and my Spanish has improved a lot. I would definitely recommend this program to others."
Noe Fernandez
"MITS is a wonderful resource for learning medical terminology in English and Spanish as well as guiding us towards the skills needed for medical interpretation! It has already helped me so much in my clinical job 🙂 "
Maggie Gilbert
"I had an overall great experience with MITS. I feel that I have learned a lot about what it means to be a good interpreter and what skills are important. I have learned a lot more medical terminology and my Spanish has improved a lot. I would definitely recommend this program to others."
Noe Fernandez
"MITS is a wonderful resource for learning medical terminology in English and Spanish as well as guiding us towards the skills needed for medical interpretation! It has already helped me so much in my clinical job 🙂 "
Maggie Gilbert
"I had such a great experience with MITS. I feel I'm more confident now than before I start this course."
Baonghi Nguyen
"I enjoyed following through each course, a lot of valuable and important information needed to excel as a medical interpreter."
Charlene Sandoval
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