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Medical Interpreting Training School

Is the result of passion, dedication, and the creative efforts to address the need of access to high-quality training for medical interpreters around the world.

MITS was started by David McCoy-Galicia, an extensively experienced educator and certified medical interpreter. His primary goal is to bring highly educational and professionally made courses to those in pursuit of quality training, regardless of their geographic location or time zone. 

In 2013,  MITS started laying the foundation for its courseware  based on the guidelines and requirements outlined by the National Standards for Healthcare Interpreting Programs issued by the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care (NCIHC).

To bring this project to fruition, MITS has consulted with highly accomplished medical interpreters, healthcare providers, instructors, and web developers to build what quickly became one of the most respected schools of medical interpreting in the United States.

MITS is now the preferred online school to a vast number of interpreters working in healthcare and aspiring ones.  Many schools, hospitals, and government agencies, such as University of Texas at Austin, NYC Langone Medical Center, and the California Department of Rehabilitation, utilize MITS as their training provider.

To date, we have trained thousands of interpreters that are part of the active workforce in medical centers of all sizes around the globe. Our easily accessible courses have helped numerous organizations and individuals satisfy the educational requirements without any stress. 

We are a young and dynamic company that dedicates every working day to create courses that are flexible, affordable, and educational.  Sign up today and transform your linguistic skills into a rewarding career.

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We are proud to be in good standing with the most prominent organizations in the medical interpreting profession and education.

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