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David McCoy-Galicia, CMI, CHI™


In this super-serious world of formal bios, I figured I’d take a few minutes to introduce myself at a more personal level and share with you why and how I developed the web-based learning program that is now MITS, Medical Interpreting Training School.  

I’ve been an Educator for more than 20 years and a Certified Medical Interpreter for over ten. But in reality, I’m just a guy who’s always been passionate about helping others. So, I thought becoming a healthcare interpreter would be ideal for me. 

I began searching for information on the web about classes for medical interpreters, and I quickly noticed that the information, accessibility, and quality of training were all over the map. I wished there were one place or person that could guide me through the convoluted process—but nothing like that existed.

Consequently, I had to figure it out on my own.  I spent countless hours organizing my notes, books, guides, glossaries, and study materials to prepare myself for the national certification exams.  Fortunately, my teaching background led me to develop an efficient and unique learning method that helped me pass both national certification exams (CCHI and NBCMI).  After a few years of working in a hospital, I noticed that aspiring, and even seasoned, interpreters were still bumping into the same walls I did—nothing had changed.  I then decided to focus my efforts on creating an online platform where I could share my training system with others.

I didn't want to create just another simplistic website to pass on boring information.

I wanted to create a learning environment where you could see actual results—something innovative, something fresh and practical. Quite honestly, it wasn’t an easy task, but I was finally able to make MITS a reality in 2014.  Since then, I have received many thanks, a lot of praise, and invaluable feedback that motivates me to keep improving and working hard.

I’m grateful that my endeavors have been so well received.  MITS has become one of the most reputable schools for medical interpreters in the United States.  Thousands of interpreters have achieved their goals of qualification, certification, and recertification with our help. Medical centers of all sizes have chosen MITS as their preferred training provider, and in 2016, our courseware was integrated into the Medical Interpreter Certificate Program at the University of Texas—very exciting and rewarding!

Nonetheless, to this day, my greatest joy is to find thank-you emails from students who tell me they’ve passed the national certification exams, or that they got the job!  After all, helping others has always been my drive and passion—and I’m delighted to keep doing that at MITS.

This learning space was created for people like you—people ready to pursue their dreams and make a difference in their communities and their own lives.  Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions.

Yours truly,

David McCoy-Galicia

Certified Medical Interpreter (CMI)

Certified Healthcare Interpreter™ (CHI™)

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