Medical Interpretation

Medical interpretation has been shown in multiple studies to have a positive impact on medical care for patients who have English as a second language. A medical interpreter are those who are well-versed in general medicine and can easily translate from one language to another diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, etc. When we are sick, most of […]

Train medical staff to be interpreters

Do I need certified medical interpreters for my practice?

In a growing global economy, the influx of immigrants has led to an ever-expanding number of people seeking health care but not speaking or understanding English. Because of this, the medical interpreting field has seen massive expansion, and the need for medical interpreters is greater than ever. Does it matter, though, if you hire a […]

Wiscosin 40 Hour Medical Interpreting Training Online with MITS

Wisconsin 40 Hour Training for Medical Interpreters Online

Recently, the state of Wisconsin has issued a new law regarding medical interpreters certification. It is now required that individuals that provide interpreter services in the health care field to be credentialed. One the most important prerequisites to be able to apply for certification is the completion of a minimum of 40 hours of medical […]

Conting Education for Medical Interpreters

Continuing Education for Medical Interpreters

As a medical interpreter, you are often the only bridge between non-native speaking patients and the medical staff treating them. The medical field has been one of only a few to consistently expand in the last few decades. You are part of an ever-growing subset of the medical profession, and the need for qualified medical […]

7 Things You Need To Do To Be A Successful Medical Interpreter!

The demand for medical interpreters has gone up with the increase of the international population in the country. With the assistance of medical interpreters, hospitals and clinicians are able to communicate with patients from across the world, which might not be possible otherwise. To keep pace with the increasing demand and to be a successful […]

How To Become a Certified Medical Interpreter?

Medical interpreting is a lucrative career in our global economy. Immigration into North America has led to a growing number of individuals seeking health care, but unable to speak or understand English. For this reason, medical interpreters are required to be well-trained in both English and their target language, as well as in the field […]