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MITS presents two self-paced courses that can help you strengthen the cognitive skills tested on EtoE Oral exam

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Building Interpreting Skills - I

In this course, you will improve your cognitive interpreting skills through hands-on exercises and expert guidance. We will discuss the new CoreCHI-Performance™ certification and the English-to-English oral exam required to obtain this credential. Moreover, you will have access to dozens of practice exercises that simulate the actual exams, where you can apply the strategies and tips shared by the instructor. Additionally, you will find a variety of resources and recommendations to help you continue improving your skills outside of class.

Building Interpreting Skills - II

In the second part of this course, we will continue to strengthen your knowledge and skills by providing two full-length English-to-English (EtoE) mock exams that closely simulate the actual exam. You will also find passing sample answers for all items, a practical evaluation scale, and valuable advice on how to personalize your learning goals and to how to prepare for this unique monolingual exam.  By the end of the course, you will be able to identify the areas where you need to improve and gain the confidence necessary to perform well on the actual exam.”

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This bundle provides you with a total of 16 hours of approved Performance-Based Continuing Education (CE).

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We recommend any of following courses to improve your interpreting skills for the EtoE exam

In this course, you’ll find many exercises to practice not only simultaneous interpreting but also shadowing, listening comprehension, and paraphrasing. You can adapt all exercises to any of these tasks. This course will help you improve speed, attention, and vocabulary. 

In this course, you will practice consecutive interpreting with several scenarios that contain many utterances similar to those in the EtoE exam. You can use these utterances to practice paraphrasing and test your short-term memory. You will also be able to use these materials to improve your note-taking skills and attention to detail in your delivery.

Translating and interpreting at the same time gives you the opportunity to improve your concentration, reformulation, pace, and speech delivery. In this course, you’ll find hand-picked exercises that will help you enhance your overall skills. These exercises will help you learn and review medical terminology that is frequently found in healthcare documents. 

A solid foundation in medical terminology is vital to perform well in the EtoE exam. In many of the testing items, you will be required to paraphrase, find a synonym, or define a medical term. In this course, you will find over 300 medical terms and their definitions. You will be able to practice shadowing the terms and their definition with our unique audio glossaries and amazing videos. This course has a part II where we cover more terms and body systems.

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