Four hours of Continuing Ed

Translating and interpreting at the same time gives you the opportunity to improve your concentration, reformulation, pace, and speech delivery. In this course, you’ll find hand-picked exercises that will help you enhance your overall skills.

In this oral laboratory course, you’ll find many healthcare documents to practice with medical and legal terms like those found in some the documents we are often asked to sight translate. You’ll gain more confidence and fluency in this interpreting mode.

  1. Gain speed in your reading and delivery.
  2. Learn more healthcare vocabulary in both languages.
  3. Improve your reformulation skills.
  4. Gain confidence to take the certification exam or at work.

Single Course

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$ 80 3 months of access
  • Choose 1 course
  • Pay as you go

16-hour package

Get four courses to save
$ 250 3 months of access per course
  • Choose any 4 courses
  • Cover your first two years to renew your certification

32-hour package

Get eight courses to save
$ 500 3 months of access per course
  • Choose any 8 courses
  • All the hours you need to renew
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