What is the EtoE Exam and the CoreCHI-P™?

What is the CCHI EtoE Exam and the CoreCHI-Performance™ Certification? Let me explain these concepts briefly and concisely. CCHI stands for Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters, a national organization responsible for certifying healthcare interpreters in the United States. CHI means Certified Healthcare Interpreter. Currently, CCHI offers three certification tiers: CoreCHI™ Certification CoreCHI -Performance™ Certification CHI™

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Medical Interpretation

Medical Interpretation This young profession has been shown in multiple studies to have a positive impact on medical care for patients who have English as a second language. Medical interpreters are those who are well-versed in general medicine and can orally translate from one language to another diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, etc. When we are sick, most

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