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The main goal of this 40- hour training program is to develop your skills and competency not just to take a certification exam, but also to achieve the necessary level of knowledge to effectively perform the duties of a medical interpreter in the real world.

This program focuses on the practice and application of knowledge through realistic simulated medical encounters. You will have the opportunity to rehearse and discover new vocabulary by interpreting medical documents, narrations and doctor-patient conversations as if you were in an actual medical encounter. This course is taught in English only; however, you will be interpreting from English into your target language. The skills and technique you’ll learn can be applied to any language.

The educational objectives of this program are derived from the guidelines and requirements outlined by the major medical interpreting organizations and certifying entities, especially the National Standards for Healthcare Interpreting Programs issued by the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care (NCIHC).

The perfect blend of hundreds of multiple-choice questions with the practice of challenging simulated medical encounters will help you be prepared for the written and oral certification exam. Upon completion of this program you’ll feel confident and pleased to know that you not only have reached your learning goals, but also advanced beyond an entry level. The 40-hour course together with bonus courses amount to more than 60 hours of superb training material.

Please note that the medical terminology courses are translated into: Arabic, Mandarin, French, Russian, and Vietnamese.

Bonus Courses to Prep for the National Exam!

Because we care about the your success, we created these complimentary laboratory modules to help you further prepare for the national certification exam and your interpreting duties. In these modules, you’ll practice with many multiple-choice questions and oral interpreting exercises that simulate the national written and oral exams! These 20+ hours of content are included, FREE of charge, in The Complete 40-hour Program.

You will also get our exclusive brand-new module: The Toolbox! A module full of exercises to practice memory, note-taking, medical terminology, shadowing, interpreting in many other medical specialties, and a lot more top-notch materials to refine your skills. You can also meet other MITS students to study together and chat with the trainer if you sign up for our Study Buddy special feature.

Written Exam Prep

A detailed guide on how to approach the different types of questions, strategies for answering multiple-choice items, a review of the topics to be tested, and two mock exams to test your knowledge.

Sight Translation Prep

In this oral laboratory course, you'll find many more exam-style documents to practice with medical and legal terms like those found in the real exam. You'll gain more confidence and fluency in this interpreting mode.

Simultaneous Oral Prep

Many interpreters dread this interpreting mode, but those who invest time to practice with their resources have nothing to fear. The skills you’ll gain in this course will be invaluable to your interpreting career.

Consecutive Oral Prep

The largest component tested in the national certification exam is consecutive interpreting. You can't afford to score low in this interpreting mode if you are serious about passing that rigorous test. Let's Practice!

The Complete 40-hour Program

For Interpreters of All Languages
$ 640 1 whole year access
  • Get the 10 courses that comprise the 40-hour program
  • Plus more than 20 hours of exam preparation material
  • Get your Certificate of Completion after completing the core 40 hours
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