Four hours of Continuing Ed

Juggling two languages at the same time may be intimidating and frustrating for those lacking adequate training, practice, or experience. This course will help develop strategies and vocabulary to render smoother and more intelligible interpretations.

Many interpreters dread simultaneous interpreting, but those who invest time to practice and take advantage of all their resources have nothing to fear. The skills you’ll gain in this course are invaluable to your interpreting career.

  1. Improve your listening and speaking skills.
  2. Enhance your speech and delivery quality.
  3. Refresh and learn new vocabulary and techniques.
  4. Reduce your stress level and anxiety.

* The Judicial Council encourages interpreters to complete a four-hour course within a period of two weeks. 

Single Course

Get one by one
$ 80 3-month access
  • Take only this course
  • Pay as you go

16-hour package

Get four courses to save
$ 250 3-month access per course
  • Choose any 4 courses
  • Take it when you need it

32-hour package

Get eight courses to save
$ 500 3-month access per course
  • Choose any 8 courses
  • Take it you when need it
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