Because practice makes perfect, MITS has created this laboratory module for you to continue to build your sight translation skills. You’ll find many more exam-style documents to practice with medical and legal terms like those found in the real exam. Typically, 40 hours of instruction is not enough for many interpreters, that’s why here you’ll have the opportunity to practice with many more documents so that you can gain fluency in this interpreting modality.

You’ll also find pointers, tips, technique, and a model rendition in Spanish for each exercise. You won’t have to go anywhere else to look for more resources. MITS has them all!

  1. Gain speed in your reading and delivery.
  2. Learn more healthcare vocabulary in both languages.
  3. Improve your reformulation skills.
  4. Gain confidence to take the certification exam or at work.

Single Course

Get only this 4-hour course
$ 80 1 year access
  • Your own payment plan
  • Pay as you go

The Complete 40-hour Program

Get all of it in bundle
$ 640 1 whole year access
  • Get all 40 hours of training + Certificate of Completion
  • Plus the more than 20 hours of exam preparation
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