Listen toYour Performance

Recording your interpretations and listening to your renditions is a vital part of learning and refining your interpreting skills. It is also mandatory and a requirement to obtain your certificate of completion.

Ways to Record Yourself

On Your Smartphone

  • Click on the Voice Memos app icon.

  • Press the red button to start recording.

  • Press the same red button to stop.

  • Press play and speaker to listen to your recording.

  • Slide to rewind or forward.

The images shown here were taken from an iPhone.  Other devices may vary and have different icons. If you cannot find the Memo app , look into the “Extras” app.

You can also download one of the many apps available online for different devices. Digital voice recorders are now  very inexpensive. You could purchase one online. A good one would run from 20 to 50 dollars. 

Other Devices

  • iPad or other tablets: You can download a voice memo app from the App Store. There are many free recording apps.

  • Mac Computer: Whether you have an Apple laptop of desktop, you can use the Garageband application to record your interpretations. 

  • PC: You can download the Audacity recoding application. You will need a microphone on your computer. 

* The easiest way to record your rendition is using mobile device or a digital recorder.
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