See what our students are saying right now as they are completing their 40-hour Training program

This is a fabulous course! I enjoyed the format and the fact that it was specifically designed for the Spanish language. I also enjoyed the videos and giggles along the way. I highly recommend it. In fact, I already recommended it to two family members that also work in healthcare.

Isabel Szurley - June 15, 2023

I’m confident and ready now to start working as an interpreter. Been able to download and print all the terms, abbreviations, glossary and symbols was the best ever. I already have a to go folder lol to take with me on the days I’m going to interpret.

Muzette Diaz - June 10, 2023

This course was very helpful to me.

Luisa F. Cubillos - June 10, 2023

I don't have much to say but I can say that I appreciate the clarification and definitions of certain terms. It helped me know how to interpret things better when caught off guard.

Brianna Azucena Castillo - June 8, 2023

I was having health issues and realized I needed to do something to not only better my life but to also be able to open a pathway for me to focus on my health. Finding this program not only gave me so much hope, it has given me the tools to improve my Spanish but also open doors to a new career.

Kimberly Sanchez - June 7, 2023

I appreciate the accommodation of being able to complete the course at my own pace.

Judith Emily Mendoza - June 7, 2023



This Course is the best I have taken ever. Very clear and amazing learning material. I would recommend to my friends.

Venera Romaova. -June 1st, 2023

If you think this will be a walk in the park; think again. This course will humble you. It is difficult for a reason. This is nothing like the interpreting you do on the fly for your friends and family.

Jorge Fernandez Jr. - May 31, 2023

I highly recommend the MITS Medical Interpreting Program. The instructor's explanations are clear and effective, ensuring a thorough understanding of the subject matter. The program covers a wide range of materials, providing interpreters with comprehensive knowledge and skills

Torpekai Sediq - May 15, 2023

As an international student, health sciences and biology pre-medical major, working in a Health Care Center, the Medical Interpreting Course with MITS was an enlightening experience, which provided me with a handful of resources, knowledge, practical exercises, and medical encounter examples between a patient, and a provider, in addition to the Medical Interpreter, and the importance of our role when providing an accurate rendition, and aiding in the communication process during an appointment. Also, it provided me with a further understanding of the different words, popular expressions, and vocabulary used in Spanish, even when it is my first language, beyond their direct translation, and interpretation within the Medical Terminology, in my English. I am anything but grateful for MITS School, and its wonderful program, as well as for the motivation, and support demonstrated throughout the program.

Lisette Carolina Partipilo Cupello - May 11, 2023

It was very helpful in my interpretation skills.

Herlinda Cardenas Arce - May 6, 2023

I will immigrate to the States soon with my family. MITS brings me job opportunities and excellent basic medical knowledge.

An-Hien Doan - May 3, 2023

"I am glad I completed the course it was quite helpful and quite rewarding."

Dulce Maribel Garcia Toledo - May 2, 2023

My experience with MITS was more than I expected. I went thinking as I'm bilingual it would be not easy precisely but not too difficult due to my bilingual background. After a few of the courses I thought I had bitten off more than I could chew, thankfully I stuck with it and very glad i did so. I LEARNED so much and feel prepared to start interpreting, but more than that i developed a thirst for more courses on this subject. I cannot recommend them enough.

Abelene Dent - May 1st, 2023

"It was a roller coaster of emotions for me. I started out very confident then got humbled quickly, but pushed through it and came out certified. To say that I and my family are proud of myself is an understatement. This course has helped me realize that if I truly put in the effort I will get the reward. I got this…"

Cyndi Paola Catalan - April 30, 2023

I am a bilingual nurse. This program opened my eyes to all of the things I have been doing wrong all of these years. I would recommend MITS to anybody wanting to learn the proper way to interpret.

Robert Ortiz, RN - April 13, 2023

"The experience at MITS was great, I would highly recommend it to others!"

Leonardo Torres - April 10, 2023

"MITS is a very well organized medical course that allows me access at my own pace. It is a well-developed program which includes various medical terminologies. This program helps to improve the efficiency of achieving my goal which is to become an excellent interprete"

Christine Lan Cheng - April 7, 2023

I found in MITS a great tool to reinforce my English medical vocabulary. It helped me to acknowledge that I actually had many opportunity areas to work on regarding my medical communication skills. The program has all the basics you need to learn not only to interpret, but how to correctly practice in an ethical way, Before I took this course, I didn't think of the vast world of medical interpreting, and I discovered that all these years I was actually an ad-hoc interpreter. The course is very well designed and instructions are very clear and taught with a lot of patience. Medical information is accurate and entertaining to read and watch. Congratulations to the developers!

Francisco Gamino - April 6, 2023

My experience with MITS was amazing.

Vivianne Habre - April 4, 2023

Overall an excellent program. It includes necessary information, but doesn't overwhelm the student.

Kalkidan Dejene Abebe - March 29, 2023

I have lived in Wisconsin, United States since 2017, since I met my husband online and we got married. I work as the Hispanic Ministry Coordinator for the Diocese of Superior. I have been learning my English little by little and on the way. My job is part-time and it has given me the opportunity to face complicated situations such as the fact of needing to develop skills that I did not have, such as interpreting Communications/meetings between the Hispanic and American communities, but this course has helped me a lot. The only thing I could say I'm sorry for is that I didn't sign up sooner. I am going to take the courses that are giving us extra and repeat the ones I have already taken, because I feel that I can do it better with more practice and I am really encouraged and excited in this wonderful learning process. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity to take this course and I hope we can keep in touch. An excellent course. Thank you

Ana Cristina Marquez Galvez - March 27, 2023

Excellent course, great didactic material, easy to understand and assimilation , and you can do it within your available time. I really recommend it.

Lusiana Bakota - March 10, 2023

MITS was so easy to navigate and has definitely helped me improve my language efficiency skills. I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in interpreting!

Jayleen Vazquez - February 28, 2023

Earning a certificate at MITS gives me the opportunity of having a flexible job that accommodates to my university schedule.

Sabrina Sanchez Carruyo - February 28, 2023

Really grateful for this course.

Efrain Moreno - February 28, 2023

Very well explained with extensive medical information. I enjoyed this course very much!

Maria Elvira Velarde - February 28, 2023

Very informative, professional skill training experience for healthcare interpreters.

Tina Stuetzle - February 22, 2023

"I have learned a lot from your course and very happy about the result. Thank you very much!"

Yingchun Wu - February 22, 2023

MITS was very engaging and easy to follow. Customer service always helped me with any questions/concerns that I had. The learning material was very helpful.

Jatzyri Perez Garcia - February 18, 2023

1. It’s easy to reach your representative by phone 2. Courses are very organized

Irene Beaman - February 12, 2023

I am so glad I decided to take MITS to further my knowledge in the medical interpreting field. The content is rich and, at the same time, very well distributed through the lessons with fun videos that make learning a fun activity. I highly recommend it.

Candice Kirk - February 8, 2023

It has helped me grow a lot, I have learned a lot of medical terms that I didn’t know before, it has helped me do a better job when interpreting for my doctors and patients where I work.

Jessica Arguelles - February 6, 2023

I was challenged by the MITS course. It is a great tool for interpreters who would like to be certified and/or have more knowledge.

Monica Santillan Calva - February 2, 2023

Taking the Medical Interpreting Training has been one of the best decisions. Initially, I was very concerned and doubtful about it, because I was changing from a teaching career to a completely new one. Now that I have reached the goal and finished the course, I can say I am on the right path. Thank you very much to David, and to the MITS team. You all are really the best!

Luz Elena Vallejo Ramirez -February 2, 2023

I've been interpreting for over 13 years. It was a gift I began to develop that I had no idea I could do. As a daughter of a Spanish speaking mother in the U.S I saw the struggles she had with communication. Being able to help someone understand a language opposite to theirs brings so much joy to my heart. Now I will have the opportunity to expand my knowledge and gift to a different environment. Although challenging at times I am excited to embark on a new journey. MITS has provided me with sufficient understanding to begin this journey.

Joseline Vega - January 25, 2023

MITS is a great training course for anyone who is interested in becoming a professional medical interpreter. I am an RN, and I couldn't be happier. MITS has truly helped me improve my interpreting skills. I am forever grateful! I can't wait to start using my new and improved Spanish interpreting skills at work and also in my community! Thank you!

Eblin Carolina Venegas - January 23, 2023

Having studied Spanish before my husband and I moved to Mexico for a six year stay, I realized how little I knew once I arrived and tried to converse, So much more difficult than I expected it to be. One of our goals was to assist with starting a free medical clinic for those who had no other means to receive care. It did not happen in our time there but has since then. Once we returned I worked in a community health center and was able to use my experience (both in the language and culture) to communicate with the patients but not as an interpreter. I've worked in the medical field my entire adult life and this course has enabled me to be able to communicate with Spanish speaking patients in a free clinic where I volunteer. I highly recommend MITS!.

Marilyn Brookss - January 23, 2023

Really grateful for this course. .

Carolina Zeballos - January 23, 2023

I would recommend to all of those out there looking to be a professional interpreter, this will change your professional life 100%!!! .

Sebastian Arancibia - January 9, 2023

This course si amazing; it challenges you and keeps you engaged. I learned a lot and that's why I highly recommend it. .

Diana Marlene Reyes Fraire - January 7, 2023

This is a very good and useful program to learn how to be a professional interpreter. I definitely recommend this.

Muzhda Waseeq Sharifi - January 5, 2023

I really enjoyed this program. It was challenging, interesting, engaging, and very useful for my interpretation and translation career. Thank you for providing such an amazing service!

Gabriela McKay - January 5, 2023

A wonderful online course that allowed me to study on my time and complete something I thought I could never do.

Jahaziel Macias - January 4, 2023

This is the first time that I have taken a course of this nature. The wealth of knowledge that David and MITS share is invaluable. I'm not going to lie, the courses are hard, AND they make you feel as though you are learning something worthwhile. As a student, I truly feel that I have been trained in an excellent way. David really paid attention to different styles of learning and I appreciated the videos, the audio lessons, and the written approaches. Such a wonderful course overall!

Talia Mole - December 31, 2022

I greatly appreciated having taken the medical interpreting course offered through MITS. The much appreciated knowledge I have acquired is extremely valued.

Veronica Martinez - December 22, 2022

It is a great program I have learnt too much medical information from it. I thought I have become half a doctor, after i finished the course

Zaal Odeh Ali Ahout - November 30, 2022

I had an overall great experience with MITS. I feel that I have learned a lot about what it means to be a good interpret and what skills are important. I have learned a lot more medical terminology and my Spanish has improved a lot. I would definitely recommend this program to others.

Noe Fernandez - November 28, 2022

MITS is a wonderful resource for learning medical terminology in English and Spanish as well as guiding us towards the skills needed for medical interpretation! It has already helped me so much in my clinical job 🙂

Maggie Gilbert - November 13, 2022

I had such a great experience with MITS. I feel I'm more confident now than before I start this course.

Bao Nghi Nguyen - November 10, 2022

I enjoyed following through each course, a lot of valuable and important information needed to excel as a medical interpreter.

Charlene Sandoval - November 8, 2022

MITS was just what I needed! The course was very informative, clear and equipping to me. Anytime I had a question, I received prompt assistance. This was the best way for me to learn while being in the comfort of my home. I feel ready to go help other Spanish-speakers in the medical field now. Thank you MITS, it was so worth the time and money investment!

Nayibe Hanson - November 2, 2022

My name is Juan Jose De Leon Diaz, I am a Spanish interpreter from the Dominican Republic, I feel so grateful and honored to be one of the winners of the MITS Scholarship 2021 and have completed this amazing training course "40-hour Program for Spanish Interpreters" plus being able to also access and complete the Bonus Courses for preparation for my certification, this course is so rich and full of recourses, I really enjoyed navigating through all lessons, exercises and all the information that allows me today, to be a better interpreter, a special thank you to the instructor Mr. David McCoy-Galicia for the dedication, for the shared knowledge and skills and also special thanks to the entire MITS team.

Juan Jose De Leon Diaz - October 18, 2022

I can only say that this course definitely provides important information about the ethical perspective a professional needs to keep in mind while interpreting to ensure communication autonomy and allow informed answers.

Pamela Cardenas Alvarado - October 3, 2022

I genuinely feel well-prepared and confident after completing this course. It seems daunting to think about doing a medical interpreting training course, but the way the information and comprehensive exercises are presented in a simple yet challenging manner is the perfect combination to build your skills and confidence. Taking this course has been one of the best choices I have ever made. It was wonderful.

Dionisius Cotton. - Sept. 29, 2022

MITS has been instrumental in helping me to improve my interpreting skills and gain more confidence in my abilities. The words of encouragement offered by the instructor came at the right times and I have learned much more than I thought I would. I would highly recommend MITS to anyone who is looking for a 40-hour course, or for anyone who is simply wanting to improve their language and interpreting skills.

Benjamin M .Sullivan. - Sept. 29, 2022

I want to say that the voice and the way of interpreting of the person who teaches the course were very helpful for a better understanding.

Durmidia Vasquez V. - Sept. 28, 2022

MITS 40-hour program is a practical and comprehensive course. It has given me the valuable tools I needed to succeed in the certification exam as well as to function efficiently in my career as a professional healthcare interpreter. I highly recommend this training institution. Thank you, MITS!

Trang Tan - Sept. 16, 2022

MITS introduced me to the wide range of topics I should be prepared for, so I am thankful.

Esmeralda Moreno - Sept. 16, 2022

The Spanish/English Medical Interpreting course at MITS, provides a wonderful, in-depth set of resources and practice experiences for great growth in vocabulary and skills for a medical interpreter! I am very pleased that I selected this program to develop my Spanish interpreting skills. I am also very appreciative of the fact that help is easily accessible if needed. Early on I had a question, and was answered and aided within 24 hrs. I felt very assured that the course designer is a real person with a genuine interest in making sure that my learning experience goes smoothly. I definitely recommend this program!AT

Janet Carey-Bentz - Sept. 14, 2022

I enjoyed taking this course a lot, it really challenges your knowledge and your ability to use that knowledge, while I considered it to be quite difficult, especially the simultaneous interpreting parts, it is the perfect level to be good at something in real life, and that is what we are all looking for I imagine. I liked the videos a lot and I liked the material provided. It is a very complete course to take the national exam but to also be a successful interpreter in real life.

Maria Jose Castorena-Barroso - Sept. 13, 2022

MITS has been more than a tool or training that I have used during a certain time. It was more the process of learning about different areas in different aspects like culture, beliefs, traditions, and how these aspects can affect the translation setting. MITS has been the process of challenging myself to study hard in order to fulfill the expectation that I had when I started and how I am going to use the information gathered in the training and put it in place in a medical setting.

Diana Marcela Salazar Quintana - August 28 2022

It was a great experience to know all the medical terms. In my opinion, it's like opening a big new world!

Alicia Aparicio - August 28 2022

Good afternoon MITS, I do appreciate every single moment I spent learning on this course which I really found very helpful in preparing myself to sit for the CCHI exam. It is a an excellent program indeed. I enjoyed the vocabulary, the quizzes, the videos. The course is very well structured and easy to follow. Thank you very much MITS for everything.

Nada Lebde - August 23 2022

MITS has been a great help in my goal of becoming a Certified Medical Interpreter. I really loved the self-paced nature and the access of 1 year to finish the course at your own ease.

Gursharan Singh - August 16 2022

Overall the course is good on every aspect. I recommend the course to everyone, who wants to a medical Interpreter.

Farooq Momand - August 16 2022

This program was absolutely fantastic and even though it would have been incredibly hard not knowing Spanish going into this course. It was definitely worth the time and effort. I feel adequately prepared to enter the interpreting field.

Andrew Craven - August 11, 2022

I would like to thank MITS and David! This course took me out of my comfort zone and made me rethink my decision, but I know that in the end, all my sacrifices will be worth it. I have all of this knowledge thanks to David. Very informative and careful not to overwhelm us. Very thankful for this program.

Juliza Saucedo Valdez - August 9, 2022

MITS is an extraordinary program. It teaches you all the techniques necessary to keep learning and improving even after you finish it. Great job!!

Marina Barrionuevo - August 3, 2022

My experience with MITS far exceeded my expectations, and I am more confident than ever to begin my career as a professional medical interpreter.

Eliana Hensley - August 1, 2022

Thank you for this excellent course! It was very complete and useful for my preparation as a Spanish Medical Interpreter.

Terry Minervini - August 1, 2022

I would say the course is rigorous and this helps me feel more prepared for the exam and the real life challenges of interpreting. If you have a strong basis in the target language, you will really get a lot out of the course, including confidence.

Scott Watford - July 30, 2022

MITS course is very great. I recommend this to anyone who is looking to open up career opportunities, completing a course requirement, or even looking to just strengthen speaking skills for fun.

Ronny Isabel-Cota- July 17, 2022

I've learned a lot and I am so excited to hopefully be certified soon!

Ashley Rack - July 16, 2022

This was very much worth it. I'm glad that I took it. There is so much information, much more than I anticipated. The lessons are very organized. The fact that you have access to the information for a whole year is amazing. I can go back at anytime to refresh myself on what I've learned and to prepare for the exam. Amazing program.

Evangeline Mateo - July 16, 2022

Thank you David for creating this amazing program. I am really thankful for the opportunity you gave me and also thank you for giving scholarships. I found the courses very dynamic, it is not just theory. I started first by practicing in medical missions, before taking a course to be a medical interpreter. But as soon as I started with this program, I noticed a lot of improvement in my vocabulary, how to handle difficult situations in the hospital or in a medical appointment. Also, I feel more comfortable taking the exam to be a certified medical interpreter.

Ivon Alejandra Acajabon Chitay - July 8, 2022

MITS was beyond my expectations. Everything in the course was organized and well thought out. There is a plethora of information and videos. I really enjoyed the course and have no doubt that it contributed to my certification as a professional healthcare interpreter! I'm so glad that I gave MITS a chance. It is well worth the time and effort!

Clarissa Paal - July 6, 2022

My experience with MITS was great. It is very easy to loose track or forget but if you have a schedule you will be at ease.

Gema Rubi Vazquez - JUlY 1, 2022

Such a great experience and very informative.

Sanjuana Garcia - June 30, 2022

It was overall an amazing experience, even for people like myself who has been around the interpretation field for so long. highly recommend this course!!!!

Aimable Ngabo - June 26, 2022

This course was a life saver for me. I work full time at a medical clinic and although I spoke Spanish at home, it is not always proper nor does your family teach you how to say certain diseases and surgeries in Spanish. This course helped me be able to explain better diseases, surgeries and treatments in Spanish and the fact that you can take it online and at your own pace is just amazing! I feel that MITS really helped me improve my Spanish as well as gave me a better understanding of the importance of correct interpretation, and the importance of having people available to interpret. Not many offices or clinics have interpreters.

Alexis Alavarado - June 14, 2022

My experience with MITS was really amazing, learning MEDICAL terms and words that i did not even know. These lessons have broadened and have bettered my language quite a bit.

Micdalia Santiago-Montalvo - June 06, 2022

I chose to take my 40-hours program training with MITS due to its 24/7 online availability, that fits my current job needs. Also because of the organization of the modules divided into medical topics, and since I have a medical background, it was really easy to follow. I found the simultaneous interpretation exercises the most challenging, and loved the level of improvement I gained.

Magaly Linares - June 04, 2022

This medical training exceeded my exceptions. I have a background in the medical field and changed carriers to become an Interpreter and I really like the level of this course. Clear explanations, great resources and practices. Excellent!

Luciana Kesmodel - June 24, 2022

Excellent, practical, user friendly.

Marcos Cunha - May 12, 2022

MITS is by far a great quality program for medical interpreters. Thank you!

William G. Zayas - May 4, 2022

i really loved the whole course! it was fun and also very informative for those that are not in the medical field. i loved the narrator's voice, and the way he explained every single detail so that you can practice and get to the exercises.

Jacqueline Ivette VAzquez - April 28, 2022

I'm really grateful for this course

Delaney Beattie - April 27, 2022

I have always struggled to focus during any online class I am a visual or hands on learner, thanks to MITS hands on work I was able to focus and get through the courses in about 2 weeks or a little more than that. I highly recommend obtaining a certificate from MITS.

Grisel Moriel - April 21, 2022

I had a great experience with MITS. I was able to complete the course at my own pace, at my own hours. The learning material is great. It is way more that just interpreting, it is having the basic knowledge in the area you are interpreting.

Fabiana Jimenez - April 17, 2022

I highly recommend MITS. I started with zero knowledge about medical interpreting and finished with extensive knowledge of medical terminology and vocabulary. I feel confident in taking my certification exam. Thank you MITS!

Melissa Cortes - April 17, 2022

My experience taking this course was incredible! I have learned so much . I feel more confident now to take the next step in my career, looking forward to put in practice all the knowledge I have gained .

Yocelyn Sanders - April 15, 2022

This course is a well-organized program and cover many aspects that related to medical interpreting. I learned so many vocabs and medical terms that are very commonly used in the medical encounter. The interpreting exercises trained me on how to interpret in real situations. I enjoyed this course, and I'm so glad that I took it.

Nuha Almaaz - March 30, 2022

great program to become an interpreter. it will require and take the best out of you.

Jacky Sainval - March 28, 2022

I have been an Interpreter and translator and to this day I have found this online training very refreshing and helpful. its versatility and the easy going of the classes help us in the very fast moving world we are living. I am very happy, this same class has been taken at the same time by My oldest sister, and my daughter that has challenge herself to become a Medical interpreter as her father and aunt. it has kept us in a continuous healthy competition sharing our scores and helping each other. Thanks for this training hope to be part of a next level soon

Daniel Sanchez - March 28, 2022

This was a good course with comprehensive vocabulary coverage. As a medical student, I found the medical knowledge lessons to be pertinent, and the forms covered a lot of commonly used medical jargon. Some of the lessons could be tedious and should include a double speed option.

Nabiha Islaml - March 27, 2022

by getting MITS now i am a perfect interpreter

Mohammad Aslam Tokhay - March 26, 2022

MITS HelpED me to improve my skills as a interpreter.ED

Ashley Reyesy - March 24, 2022

Excellent online training, I learned medical terminology and I can keep all the work sheets and exercises for future references. Totally recommended

Claudia Sanchez - Naim - March 23, 2022

Very interactive experience. And great study material. I am excited to take my test and be a medical interpreter!

Wendy Mayans Sanchez - March 23, 2022

I’m honored to be part of this great community, in terms of a practitioner and a student as well. I’m a doctor in my country, but I always dreamed about being an international interpreter. With this great option of becoming a Certified Medical Interpreter, I could gather my both passions in one. I’m very happy and proud of this noble profession.

Nadia Hernández Bringas - March 15, 2022

I found the MITS program to be comprehensive, challenging, extremely useful and all-around excellent preparation both for the national certification exam and for the practice of medical interpreting, in general. I highly recommend the program!

Brenda Werth - March 11, 2022

Given my background of working in an educational setting for ages, I can say MITS training course is systematically designed, which enables learners to build their knowledge, measure their own learning and progress. All the activities are included in a learner-centered approach, relevant and tied to a real world context. I am confident to sing high praises to MITS. Thank you!

Chau Minh Trang Tran - March 9, 2022

I am so thrilled to see something as unique as medical interpreting making big waves here in Texas. I am so excited to be part of something greater than myself. For the majority of my childhood, my bilingualism was seen as a disadvantage. I was forced to assimilate and choose English over my mother tongue. But now, I claim that as my strength. Now my multilingualism is my forte, and my future career. I can be a bridge between both cultures, both languages, while helping so many people along the way. Truly a growing experience, and now my Spanish is ten times better. Thank you MITS for everything you do!

KEYLA FLORES - March 7, 2022

THis was a great course super informativE I would RECOMMEND IT TO anyone that is looking to be a certified medical interpreter

Luzsolmary Torres Santiago - March 6, 2022

These ten courses go above and beyond with thorough content that you would not normally find outside of a professional training program. It has helped me tremendously with my speaking ability and confidence communicating in the Spanish language. I have nothing but gratitude for this program.

Nathan Hazel - March 3, 2022

What a wonderful experience this has been. I almost gave up , but the helpful tone and well organized curriculum kept me on course.

Chalao Sara Hirst - February 24, 2022

This course was extremely helpful and beneficial to learn how to become an interpreter. Interpreting is much more than being bilingual especially in the medical field. This program helped me get closer to being a professional.

Diego Duran - February 21, 2022

I am really grateful for the forty hours training, it prepared me so well that I immediately got a job before finishing the complete course; so I will go ahead to do the rest of the other courses that MITS is offering because I want to be well prepared for the National exam.

Ana Alicia Ortiz - February 21, 2022

I grew up speaking Spanish and I'm grateful for this course. It has helped me communicate a lot better within my community. Thank You!!

Karla Cativo-Hanna- February 21, 2022

I really enjoyed learning with MITS. I myself am an international medical graduate from the country of Ecuador so the subject material came easy to me, but I did feel that everything was very thorough and well designed. The MITS platform is easy to use and the online aspect makes working around my schedule really easy. I would definitely recommend.

Diego Esteban Neira-Crespo - February 19, 2022

I'd like to say, that taking this course was super beneficial. MITS was the perfect option. I highly recommend it.

Amani Sluieman - February 16, 2022

As an interpreter with over ten years of experience and who has been certified in the past, the vocabulary and exercises this course provided were certainly helpful in getting back into shape for recertification. The practice exercises, particularly the simultaneous ones, are more difficult than an average interpreter will deal with on a day to day basis, but that is the life of an interpreter.

Michael Coury Murdock - February 11, 2022

This is a very well-structured course that covers so many areas that we, as interpreters, cover in the day-to-day. It not only covers vocabulary for the body's many systems but provides well-explained examples of "do's and don'ts" for interpreters. I found it to be very resourceful and will likely be referencing it as I continue to develop my interpreter skills.

Maaria Ahrens- February 11, 2022

I would recommend this course 100%. Very well presented and easy to follow and encouraging to practice consciously. I had lots of fun and have to keep practicing and learning. Thanks so much!

Bety Oakews- February 8, 2022

MITS course has been really helpful in advancing my learning, both in the field of interpreting and in learning new medical terminology. The content is very well organized, the explanations are clear, and the material is challenging enough to keep you engaged and motivated. It’s been a real joy completing the course and learning from a well-informed instructor. Thank you for helping me get better prepared, and for putting together all these materials. I would highly recommend this course!

Emilia Illana Mahiques- February 6, 2022

MITS is so great. Without MITS, I probably wouldn't have been able to take this medical interpreting training course since I really need the course with a flexible schedule, and luckily I found MITS.

Yejing Wang- February 4, 2022


Adilene Capetillo Macias - January 31, 2022

MITS gave me an opportunity to learn how to practically continue using the Spanish I have learned over the years in school in my future career as not only a nurse, but an interpreter as well! This program is very holistic and includes training in medical terminology, all forms of interpreting, and includes the information needed for the national written exam for interpreters. I loved the freedom of completing this course at my own pace, encouragement to create my own study tools, and the space to analyze my interpreting style with key pointers for improvement. I plan to encourage those I know who plan to enter the medical field in the future and who are fluent in Spanish to seriously consider taking this course. MITS provides a way to continue using your second language as a way to support LEP patients and build rapport with them directly.

Trinitee Riggins - January 28, 2022

I really enjoyed being able to take my lessons at my own pace. I highly recommend MITS, I will continue my education with them for sure!

Angela Wallace - January 24, 2022

I love being an Spanish Interpreter and be able to help others with their language barrier. The medical field is one of my favorites as I am passionate about anything that has to do with he human body, its system , process , illness, treatments , medicines , diagnostics and outcomes ; I am so thankful that I was given this opportunity to expand my knowledge and improve my vocabulary and access how knowledgeable I am about the topic . The lessons were so realistic and current , every single class and videos where extraordinary and the pace of the speaker was great. I am so exited to finish and continue learning and finally take the National CCHI test and be able to perform better, offer effective services and do what I love which is helping everyone . Thanks so much ;

Layla Suarez - January 24, 2022

All I can say is I have referred at least 8 friends and colleagues to your amazing program.

Audrey DePalm DePalm - January 24, 2022

I love the fact that not only the course provides clear instructions, but only the instructor is very encouraging. I found difficult and discouraged to keep up at first . I also felt frustrated that I could not render the interpretation well and easy as I thought. However, David is excellent at sharing his own experiences throughout the course. That is a great push for me to follow to the end. Thank you so much!

Phuong Nguyen - January 24, 2022

I am so excited to become another graduate of this course. It really pushed me outside of my comfort level and my knowledge increased immensely!

Yanikka Morgan - January 23, 2022

This is a challenging course that enabled me to greatly broaden my knowledge of medical terminology. The course includes sight, simultaneous, and consecutive exercises, and helpful sample renditions are provided. I have been a part-time medical interpreter for years, yet I learned a great deal from this course.

Kevin Linder - January 20, 2022

It was a very interesting learning journey.

Ana Caroline de Oliveira Fritz - January 19, 2022

I really enjoyed it and I really appreciate David!

Romina Ranieri - January 13, 2022

MITS was affordable, it has helpful materials that allowed me to succeed and keep me interested in moving forward.

Adelia Maestas - January 12, 2022

I recommend this course to people who are determined to take this certification. However, keep in mind that this is not easy at all. It requires commitment and much dedication. You don't just need to understand English and Spanish well. You need to understand more than well. Otherwise, you will feel very frustrated. However, it's worth doing. I'm not sure if I will pass the exam, but I'm sure my English improved to a level of mental agility where I can now listen and simulate the translation, something I couldn't do at first.

Rosmery Ferreira - January 6, 2022

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