Four hours of Continuing Ed | Non-Language Specific

This interactive course is presented in a unique combination of amazing 3D videos and audio exercises. You will learn and get reacquainted with hundreds of core medical words organized by body systems. These engaging visuals and auditory elements will enhance your learning and retention of the medical terms presented in this module. You’ll also become aware of how these conditions affect the patient’s family. 

You will have the opportunity to view medical animations on multiples subjects, such as human anatomy, physiology, diseases, treatments, and diagnostic studies. Furthermore, you will be able to listen and practice the correct English pronunciation of these terms with our unique audio-glossaries. The glossaries of terms are translated into Arabic, Simplified Chinese and Russian. In this module we’ll cover:

1. The Cardiovascular System 

2. The Digestive System

3. The Endocrine System

4. The Integumentary System

5. The Lymphatic System

6. The Muscular System

* The Judicial Council encourages interpreters to complete a four-hour course within a period of two weeks. 

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