Four hours of Continuing Ed

Dive into a variety of challenging interpreting scenarios designed to elevate your skills in both simultaneous and consecutive modes. The goal is to enhance your vocabulary and fine-tune your interpreting techniques—a delightful yet demanding journey!

Boost your interpreting prowess and expand your knowledge with a personalized self-learning plan. This allows you to assess your performance and customize your English and Spanish glossaries to perfection.

Upon completing this course, you will:

1. Navigate challenging interpreting assignments with increased skill.
2. Articulate and pronounce unfamiliar words and terms accurately.
3. Identify medical terms and abbreviations associated with internal medicine.
4. Handle cultural and idiomatic challenges like idioms and colloquialisms with ease.

Get a bundle of courses for savings and added motivation to complete your continuing education. Take a look at the options below.

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Single 4-hr course

Get only one course
$ 80 3 months of access
  • Choose only this 4-hr. course
  • Pay or use your coupon

16-hour package

Get four courses to save
$ 250 3 months of access per course
  • Choose any 4 courses
  • Cover your first two years to renew your certification

32-hour package

Get eight courses to save
$ 500 3 months of access per course
  • Choose any 8 courses
  • All the hours you need to renew
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