Four hours of Continuing Ed

Broaden your knowledge in the field of gastroenterology medicine. This course will place you into different scenarios for you to interpret in three modes: sight, simultaneous, and consecutive. You’ll gain more vocabulary and improve your interpreting techniques. A fun, yet rigorous course!

You’ll be able to strengthen your interpreting skills and expand your expertise by developing a self-learning plan. You will be able to self-assess your performances  and customize your glossaries.

Upon completion of this course, your will able to:

  1. Comprehend and interpret the GI terms presented in this course.
  2. Define and correctly pronounce unfamiliar words and terms.
  3. Promptly identify medical terms and abbreviations related to the digestive system.
  4. Effectively respond to cultural and idiomatic challenges such as idioms, colloquialisms, and slang.

Single 4-hr Course

Get only one course
$ 80 3 months of access
  • Choose only this course
  • Pay as you go

16-hour package

Get four courses to save
$ 250 3 months of access per course
  • Choose any 4 courses
  • Cover your first two years to renew your certification

32-hour package

Get eight courses to save
$ 500 3 months of access per course
  • Choose any 8 courses
  • All the hours you need to renew
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