Introduction to Medical Interpreting

You will be amazed at how fun and efficient it’s to learn medical interpreting with these interactive modules. In these four introductory courses, you will learn about some basic linguistics and medical terminology that healthcare interpreters need in the job. You will also learn about the healthcare interpreting code of ethics and standards of practice that will allow you to provide professional interpreting services to limited-English proficient patients and their families.

To help you deepen your knowledge of these subjects,  you will be assisted by highly informative video lecture, pronunciation and memorization exercises, visual elements, medical terminology glossaries,  self-evaluations, and many quizzes.

Courses included in this bundle:

1. Basics of Interpretation

2. Ethics and Standards

3. Medical Terminology I

4. Medical Terminology II


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16 hours of training
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Genentech Contractors

16 hours of training
$ 240
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