Continuing Education for Spanish Interpreters in Oregon

English-Spanish Specific Courses

Because the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) requires that interpreters in Oregon take 24 hours of continuing education in different areas, MITS has prepared these special courses to make the renewal of your qualification and certification a stress-free process. You can buy courses separately or buy a 24-hour bundle of six courses:

  • 1 course of six hours on ethics (6 hours total)
  • 2 courses of three hours on skills  (6 hours total)
  • 3 courses of four hours on other topics. (12 hours total)

The bundle will provide you with six courses totaling 24 hours of continuing education. Regular price $480. Special Oregon price $400. 


These self-paced courses are designed to give participants the opportunity to put into practice the concepts presented in these bite-size lessons. The bilingual exercises and innovative approach in these dynamic courses will help you better target your weaker skills. As a result, you’ll notice an improvement in your job performance and confidence.  

All courses are approved by OHA, CCHI, IMIA & NBCMI

You can buy these courses individually or in a bundle

Ethics for Healthcare Interpreters

6 hours required by the State of Oregon (You'll need only this six-hour course)

Ethics & Standards of Practice: In this course, you will have the opportunity to review the most relevant guidelines of professionalism and ethical conduct for medical interpreters. You will be able to have a better understanding of the primary ethical principles and the standards that working interpreters utilize in the practice of their profession. Participants will have the opportunity to develop critical thinking and decision-making skills by analyzing ethical dilemmas in different medical encounter scenarios. You will test your knowledge by answering dozens of multiple-choice quizzes. 

This course is included in the 24-hour bundle. You can also purchase this six-hour course by itself at $120. To purchase only this course, click on the course image. To purchase the bundle, scroll all the way down.

Interpreting Skills

6 hours required by the State of Oregon (You'll need two of these three-hour courses)

In these courses, you will have the opportunity to improve your interpreting skills with dozens of hands-on exercises in many medical specialties in three modes of interpreting.  You will also find exercises to improve your memory, note-taking, shadowing, and medical terminology. Each course gives you credit for three hours. If you purchase the bundle, you will be able to choose two of the following courses. You can also purchase them separately at $60 each.

Sight Translation

Translating and interpreting at the same time gives you the opportunity to improve your concentration, reformulation, pace, and speech delivery. In this course, you’ll find hand-picked exercises that will help you enhance your overall skills.


Juggling two languages at the same time may be intimidating and frustrating for those lacking adequate training, practice, or experience. This course will help you develop strategies and vocabulary to render smoother and more intelligible interpretations.


The mastery of this interpreting modality is vital for interpreters working in health care. In this course, you’ll practice with many realistic vignettes in several medical specialties that will expand your general knowledge and proficiency.

Skill-building exercises

This course will help you further develop your interpreter skills by performing different exercises, such as Note-taking activities in both languages, Memory retention exercises, Medical terminology cross words, Shadowing exercises and more.

Other Topics Approved by OHA

12 hours required by OHA (You'll need three of these four-hour courses)

In these medical specialty courses, you will be able to put your language skills to work. You will be interpreting simulated, but realistic, medical encounters. You will be exposed to documents, dialogues, and videos about labs, tests, diagnoses, pharmacology, and surgeries used in the medical specialty of study. Each course give you credit for four hours. If you purchase the bundle, you will be able to choose three of following courses. You can also purchase them separately at $80 each. 


Learn more about the most common neurological diseases, its treatments, and diagnostic tests while interpreting these challenging but realistic exercises. You’ll also become aware of how these conditions affect the patient’s family.


Broaden your knowledge in the field of musculoskeletal medicine. This course will place you into different scenarios for you to interpret in three modalities. You'll gain more vocabulary and improve your interpreting techniques. A fun, yet rigorous course!


In this course, not only will you improve your bilingual vocabulary, but you'll also understand the impact that liver diseases cause in patients’ lives. You’ll interpret some of the most troubling symptoms, treatments, and prognoses., along with meds and tests.


Interpreting for patients with cardiovascular problems may be challenging because there's a large number of heart conditions and treatments. In this course, you’ll be able to strengthen your proficiency and amplify your cardiology jargon.

Medical Terminology I

The engaging visuals and auditory elements in these courses will significantly enhance your learning and retention of medical terminology. You'll be able to practice the pronunciation of medical terms in English and Spanish with our unique audio-glossaries.

Medical Terminology II

You’ll be amazed of how fun and efficient it’s to learn medical lingo in these modules. To better assimilate the vocabulary, you will be assisted by memorization and audio exercises with native speakers, self-evaluations, quizzes, and captivating videos.


The goal of this course is to increase your exposure to medical encounters with patients who suffer from renal deficiencies. You’ll learn a lot of regionalisms, colloquialisms, as well as many technical terms used in this medical specialty.


In this course, we’ll explore the sensitive field of interpreting in mental health. You’ll be able to gain more experience by interpreting a group therapy, a one-on-one encounter, and sight translate a document filled with lots of useful psychiatric terms.


Similar to all our courses, this one also offers you the opportunity to hone your craft by self-recording your interpretations and comparing to our suggested model renditions. You’ll be able to tailor your learning needs and expand your urology glossary.


With an increasing rate of Hispanics developing diabetes, it’s important to have a firm grasp of the common medications, tests, secondary health conditions, and attitudes involved in these interesting encounters. An essential course for all interpreters.


Don’t go belly up in these types of assignments. Gain some experience with this new course we’re cooking for you. You’ll learn a lot of common diseases, symptoms, tests, diagnoses, prognoses and much more. Stay tuned for more information on release date.


This course will help you develop a deeper understating of the complexity of cancer and its common treatments. You will get acquainted with many core medical terms, colloquialisms, idioms, and euphemisms usually found in oncology interpreting assignments.

Select the course or bundle that best meets your needs

  • If you want to purchase a course separately, click on the image of the course you want above. 
  • If you are a nationally certified interpreter (CMI or CHI™),  and you need all the hours to renew, you can purchase the 32-hour bundle. 
  • If you only need to comply with the State of Oregon requirements, you can purchase the 24-hour bundle. 
If you purchase a bundle, you will have immediate access to Ethics and will be emailed a code to select your other courses. You will have three months of access per course each time you select one.

Single Course

Get one by one
$ Varies 3 months of access
  • Choose 1 course
  • Pay as you go

24-hour Bundle

Get six courses
$ 400 3 months of access per course
  • Choose your courses
  • Cover the OHA requirements only

32-hour Bundle

Get all courses for re-certification
$ 500 3 months of access per course
  • Choose your courses
  • All the hours to renew CCHI, NBCMI & OHA
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