Consecutive interpreting is the primary mode of interpretation in the medical field. And for that reason, it is the largest component tested in the national certification exams. You cannot afford to score low in this portion of the exam if you are serious about passing these rigorous tests.

In this module, you’ll find many exam-like exercises full of medical terminology, jargon, expression, colloquialisms, and slang that will help you improve your vocabulary in English and Spanish. You’ll also find challenging segments that will help you improve your short-term memory, note-taking, and listening skills. Also, suggested model renditions for each exercise to help you analyze your performances. Get behind the wheel and practice as if you were taking the real exam or in a real medical encounter. This course will help you:

  1. Improve your ability to deliver accurate interpretations.
  2. Build up your self-confidence.
  3. Self-assess your weak points to better target your learning.
  4. Enhance your clarity and enunciation.

Single Course

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$ 80 1 year access
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The Complete 40-hour Program

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$ 640 1 whole year access
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  • Plus the more than 20 hours of exam preparation
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