Four hours of Continuing Ed

Whether you are eligible to take the English to English exam or not, in this course, you will help you enhance your interpreting skills with hands-on oral exercises.You will be performing many tasks that have been identified by CCHI as the fundamental cognitive skills every interpreter needs to possess. We will go over every task, the indications, and possible answers to each exercise.

You will have ample to time and resources to give your brain a good workout. Every lesson will have detailed instructions on what to do and not do during the English-to-English exercises and actual exam to get certified as a Core-CHI-Performance™ interpreter.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Have a better understating of the tasks to perform in the EtoE exam.
  2. Identify the differences between the tasks tested.
  3. Objectively assess your performance.
  4. Create a learning path to improve your skills.

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