Thank you for your interest in MITS as your source of professional advancement.

MITS is an e-Learning system created in a user-friendly format with the purpose of providing you with high-quality training at your convenience. We offer you easily accessible courses that build your interpreting skills and simultaneously satisfy the national training requirements without any stress.

We are a dynamic company exclusively dedicated to healthcare interpreting training. We feel privileged to have had the support and collaboration of highly accomplished medical interpreters, nurses, doctors and teachers who have contributed their time, energy and expertise. Their reviewing, advising and recording of study materials was vital to the bringing of this project to fruition.

MITS training programs have been proven to help interpreters develop, sharpen, and maintain a high level of competency.  Many schools, hospitals and government agencies such as University of Texas at Austin, NYC Langone Medical Center, and the California Department of Rehabilitation, respectively utilize MITS as their training provider.

To date, we have trained thousands of interpreters that are part of the active workforce in medical centers of all sizes across the country.  We are confident that you will also benefit from fulfilling your interpreter education at MITS.

The educational objectives of our programs are derived from the guidelines and requirements outlined by the National Standards for Healthcare Interpreting Programs issued by the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care (NCIHC).

Our Mission

Our mission is built upon the commitment to provide insightful and practical training for those striving to achieve higher standards of linguistic and cultural competence.

Our Goals

  • To promote the ethical practice of medical interpreting by strictly adhering to the Standards of Practice for healthcare interpreters.

  • To empower practitioners to be recognized as professionals through excellence in the performance of their duties.

  • To address the demand for accessible, high-quality training for medical interpreters.

  • To keep apace of pedagogy methods and changes in the filed so that they can be reflected in our updates.


David McCoy-Galicia, CMI, CHI™


Press Kit

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National Standards for Healthcare Interpreter Training Programs

National Standards for Healthcare Interpreter Training Programs

Interpreter Training Program Self-assessment 



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