Welcome to the Fundamental Training Program for Spanish-English Medical Interpreters!

The Fundamental Training program has been designed for those willing to pursue a career in medical interpreting, as well as for hospital and clinical staff who need to learn the essentials of healthcare interpreting.  

The main goal of this English/Spanish specific program is to provide you with the foundational skills and knowledge a medical interpreter needs to posses in order to effectively bridge the linguistic and cultural barriers between patient and provider.

This program will not only help you fulfill the 40-hour training prerequisite to apply for the certification exam, but it will also help you achieve the competency and skill needed in real life assignments. This program satisfies the minimum 40 hours of training required by the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI) and the National Board for Certified Interpreters (NBCMI).

Throughout this program you’ll have the opportunity to rehearse and discover new vocabulary by interpreting challenging medical documents, narrations and doctor-patient conversations as if you were in an actual medical interpreting assignment. In addition, you’ll answer more than 500 questions and practice with many hours of interpreting exercises in a computer software system that resembles the certification test formats. The perfect combination to help you prepare for both, the written and oral exams! 

This 40-hour training course is composed of 10 core classes; each class is about 4-hours long. The beauty of it is that you don’t have to take them all at once or schedule them. They are on demand—at your own pace and convenience. You’ll have immediate access to the course after your enrollment and will be able to enjoy it for one whole year. Our material is fun, original and up to date. No extra fees or material to buy!

Get the ten classes for the price of eight, plus any bonus class available!
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